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Below Ground Waterproofing

Ground water over a period of time rises and enters your home; damaging internal walls causing efflorescence and severe dampness. Prolonged dampness results in the formation of fungus and moulds.

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Waterproofing Knowledge

  •  Would Dr. Fixit Bitufix protect interior walls from efflorescence?

    Yes, if coated on the plinth beam of the foundation this compound creates a barrier, for the movement of water. Thus preventing any efflorescence from coming on the walls.

  •  Is integral waterproofing required during the construction of a new basement?

    We advise using Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ as an integral waterproofing compound along with the usage of Dr. Fixit Bitufix. This approach gives optimum waterproofing to plaster & concrete, resists corrosion in steel bars. It also helps increase the workability of mortar which reduces the rebounds loss. Thus, it helps save time & money

  •  What is integral waterproofing? How does it help enhance the life of my structure?

    Integral Waterproofing are the compounds to be used with cement while making the new structure. It makes the plaster and concrete dense. So voids don’t form and capillaries carrying water are broken. This serves as an essential structure waterproofing solution for new home owners.


  • testimonials Great company. All my requirements were taken care off. Give complete solution for the problem. Would definitely recommend all of you for there services.

  • testimonials While constructing my new home in Kashmir, I was informed about the 5 point leak free solutions related to waterproofing.I got all the areas waterproofed at a nominal cost when compared to the overall material used. The service was prompt and I have assured a home which will sustain for years to come. Hope this holds true!

  • testimonials Prompt service by the Dr Fixit team in waterproofing my new home in Gwalior, they came for inspections and also provided a trained applicator from their end.Quite happy with their services and commitment.

  • testimonials Awesome services - My House was waterproofed 3 years back & still I don't have any issues. Cost-effective products.

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Below Ground Waterproofing

A robust foundation is the first requirement for a well-constructed home . After constructing a firm base, it is of utmost importance to protect it from external factors like climate, nature of soil etc. Safeguarding below ground structures like basement and foundation walls is a challenge. Hence, employing the best  below ground waterproofing solutions in Indiais critical for new constructions.

By nature, all types of cement shrink over time resulting in cracks in concrete and plasters. Again, when the water-cement ratio is not maintained, capillaries are formed over time, causing dampness & leakage.

Below ground waterproofing is not an easy task. Several environmental factors pose a threat to foundational structures. Again, in a country like India, extreme climatic conditions and varying ground water levels can present additional challenges to below ground structures. Having a correctly waterproofed basement ensures that your damp cellar is transformed into a habitable space.


Why Dr Fixit Below Ground Waterproofing Solution

Dr Fixit provides best in class below ground waterproofing solutions in India for building new homes. Examining a geotechnical report is the first step before finalising any particular below ground waterproofing solution. The report provides an in-depth analysis of site conditions like soil composition, harmful chemicals present in the soil etc.

However, the detail in specification and the quality in installation are things that matter the most in below ground waterproofing. Hence, it is crucial to employ below ground waterproofing servicespecialists for your structural waterproofing needs. Dr Fixit offers the best below ground waterproofing solutions in India.