Things to Remember when moving into a New House

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Things to Remember when moving into a New House

It is so exciting to move into a bigger and better home!

It is so exciting to move into a bigger and better home! Unpacking your stuff on the first day and setting it all up in the spacious home. However, the dream bubble can easily burst with just one issue, which could have been avoided had you check it out earlier. Fret not, we have been there, done that and want you to learn from our mistakes. Hence we’ve put together a list of what we feel is absolutely necessary before you move into your new dream home –

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1) Change the locks on the exterior doors- Security should always be your number one priority. This should be your ‘numero uno’ task! As soon as the closing is over and you’ve gotten the keys to your house, either buy and install new lock sets or have a locksmith come to the house to switch them out. Let’s face it, the previous owners, Realtors, housekeeping services and who knows who else are all likely to have keys to your place. For some peace of mind and as a necessary step in making this house yours, get new locks installed immediately.

2) Check for plumbing leaks- Leakage in the walls, pipes or ceilings is one of the most common problems in India. Check all your walls and pipes and have the builder or seller ensure that all leakages have been repaired. If buying a bare shell flat, then waterproofing for all walls is a must. If buying semi furnished or furnished, then have all pipes fixed and walls with leakages treated. Dr. Fixit LW+ is the perfect product for mixing in the plaster for the walls. M-seal has different products for different applications, for those leaky drippy pipes.

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3) Clean Up! – There are many services and applications that can help you with this. But we would recommend going with a company who has the most positive reviews from previous clients and wants to add you in their list of happy customers. While many service companies will claim they can do a good job, you only want the best as you want to feel like it’s a new home, not previously lived in. Some sellers will leave the house clean for you, some won’t. Even if they do, you’ll want to clean everything for yourself. If you do it yourself, set up an area with all of the supplies and tools you’ll need to get the job done.

4) Paint all the walls and ceilings- Painting the walls can instantly cheer up your place. If you have the negotiating power, try asking your seller to throw this into the deal. This can be really time-consuming, so you will have to hire professionals if you can. Pidilite has a new interesting line of finishes for interior walls like Renaissance Ceralux, Decora or Velatura. Try these out for a slightly more interesting finish than regular paint. Also, if you’re short on time and the house is in dire straits and every surface needs painting, consider one neutral color for every room. This will just make it easier and limit the number of decisions you’ll have to make now. You can always go back and repaint rooms the colours you want as time permits.

5) Find your MDB, Main Distribution Board and Main Water Valve- Get an electrician or plumber to help you out on these. It’s a good idea to figure out which fuses control what parts of your house and label them accordingly.

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6) Mechanical equipment cleaned and serviced- This one too we found quite essential. As you buy the house, getting the heating and cooling systems cleaned along with other routine tasks done is important. Also, get a service contract so if the system stops working in the depths of summer, you’ll not have to overpay to get a technician to come to your home.