Dampness and Your Health: What You Need to Be Aware Of

Health Implications of Dampness in Your Home


Health Implications of Dampness in Your Home

Recently, Chennai reeled under the effects of unprecedented heavy rains ...

Recently, Chennai reeled under the effects of unprecedented heavy rains and subsequent floods, and as a result caused loss of lives, damage to property as well as posed several health risks for its residents. As the city comes to terms with the unprecedented scale of disaster and attempts to rebuild homes, it raises many questions regarding our preparedness for natural calamities and disaster. Although, disaster management at the macro level could do with vast improvements, citizen groups and individuals have been known to rise admirably to the occasion during such calamities.

In the wake of Chennai floods, it is also imperative to consider the effects of dampness and flooding on our homes and health. Mild dampness and moisture laden homes are a breeding ground for mold and fungi which can cause numerous diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma amongst other ailments. The health impact of such diseases can have a long term effect also and cause distress, while affecting the quality of your family’s life. This can become a huge drain on your resources and cause multiple visits to the medics and have financial repercussions as well.

Mild dampness due to normal rains can in no way compare with acute conditions, when for instance the basement is flooded with water or when water enters the living quarters. The water may stagnate and collect within the household for a while and it may take some time for normal conditions to be restored. With the collection of water there is a greater chance of waterborne diseases, gastro-enteric problems, and during such conditions epidemics are also possible.

However, even when the water recedes, it takes time for the resulting dampness to vanish completely. In the interim, such moist conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. It then becomes extremely vital to pay all the more attention to your health and take all the necessary precautions.

Although clearly one has no control over calamities such as floods, it does make sense to invest in your health by ensuring your home is adequately waterproofed and prepared to deal with unfavourable conditions. A good quality and long lasting waterproofing product such as Dr Fixit will ensure that problems of leakage and dampness are resolved under conditions of heavy rain. So make sure you look for problem areas and seal any form of leakage or water logging prior to the rainy season.

Awareness about health issues helps in giving the right perspective and enables you to take the best decision. Any kind of seepage or dampness must not be taken lightly and you must treat your family’s health as priority. Remember that there are various options available when it comes to waterproofing so make sure you consult the experts at Dr Fixit and repair the problem before it becomes difficult to manage or begins to pose a health risk.



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