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Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops and How to take care of them!

Considering some of the following suggestions with different kinds of countertops may help kitchen interiors ...

Considering some of the following suggestions with different kinds of countertops may help kitchen interiors not just look well edited but pass through generations because maintenance is of the paramount importance.

Good old Granite—If one is seeking a solid material that can withstand cooking activity, then one may consider granite. It offers stability to the interiors and is a classic. However, acidic treatments can harm granite massively. Moreover, it can be porous if not sealed properly. To add endurance to beauty, Roff Stoneguard SB can be used to fix any granite damages and for superior finishing.

Elegant Marble—Without a doubt, marble adds a gorgeous gleam to one’s kitchen. It’s a grand countertop choice but tends to be prone to staining, hence making it a poor option to be used as an active cooking area. Treating a marble top with a special stone sealer reduces its porosity as oil colours and soft waxes may discolour it. That’s the key to getting the marble look that you want without the headache of stains.

Knock on Wood—Wood is an ideal surface for chopping, slicing and other food preparation activities. However, it gets easily damaged if not provided with proper care; calling for constant linseed or mineral oil polishing to avoid moisture.

Stainless steel—Not even stainless steel remains stainless as soon as it comes in contact with the atmosphere and harsh chemicals that ruin it completely. Discoloration can be prevented by using lukewarm water with baking soda. To prevent it from rust, we recommend you the Roff Rust Clear ZR , which is suitable for any kind of rusted surface.

Taking care of that gorgeous kitchen countertop begins by selecting a robust kitchen island. A sturdy kitchen island like the one made of Calacatta Nuvo stone is replacing porous marble that is prone to stains and often comes with weight issues. Even if one’s a world-class chef, countertops are bound to take a little misapplication and so calls for the utmost proper care.