3 Must-Try Green Décor Tips for a Refreshing Monsoon Season

Décor Tips: Monsoon Calls for Green to be in

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Décor Tips: Monsoon Calls for Green to be in

Adopting eco-friendly measures in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby conserving non-renewable natural resources has assumed great importance.

The monsoon serves as a reminder to renew our faith in green measures – both literally and figuratively. The rains not only refresh our senses but rejuvenate every living organism, nurturing and giving birth to new lifecycles. It is, therefore, the perfect time to bring green in, into our homes, our lives and our surroundings.

Think Green
Consider different shades of green for your interiors, for instance, visualise a brilliant vivid green as an accent and soft subtle shades of green for larger areas. Place bright neon and fluorescent green ceramic or glass vases and bottles for your dining table or on the console in the lobby. Add fresh blooms for an instant makeover. Another idea is to paint small earthen flower pots in green and decorate them in your favourite pattern or motif to create an attractive centrepiece.

Monsoon Décor Tips


You could also paint either a section of a wall, or architectural highlights such as columns and pillars in green, and then stencil golden leaves on it. You can, in fact, make a stencil yourself easily. You could also paint the tree of life, which is another popular motif that celebrates the cyclical characteristics of life and nature, and which truly embodies the spirit of going green.

Go Natural
Look for eco-friendly products made out of natural materials such as grass, leaves and bark of trees. Essentially opt for materials that are made from renewable resources and can be replenished easily in a short time. Rugs made out of grass, baskets made from leaves and lampshades made out of waste fabric look beautiful and trendy, adding an ethnic charm to your décor.

Green Décor Tips


Similarly, furniture made out of bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood, water hyacinth and sustainable fibres are earth friendly. These are available in a range of attractive modern and contemporary designs and colours and are bound to make a difference to your décor.

Green Artwork
Paintings and photographs of nature are a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the scenic beauty, which is known to have a calming effect. Select artworks that have a tranquil splendour to them and these will completely transform your décor and make it serene. On another note, sculptures and installations made out of waste paper, found, discarded and recycled objects and earth-friendly materials are a few innovative products that are distinctive and eco-friendly.

Origami, quilling, quilting and moulding are some of the techniques which are customarily used to create art with paper, also pulp made out of paper and waste cloth is often used to make artworks, and these create a truly one of a kind decorative statement. You can purchase them from local artist studios, art galleries and boutiques depending on your budget.

This monsoon, as it rains, celebrate greenery along with nature and transform your décor in synergetic harmony.

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