5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Space

Ways to Add Art to Your Home on a Budget

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Ways to Add Art to Your Home on a Budget

Happy homes are personalised homes. You really do not have to have expensive, branded home décor products ...

Happy homes are personalised homes. You really do not have to have expensive, branded home décor products and art work to make your home warm and delightful. One of the most exciting ways to add visual interest to a home is through art work. Let’s look at 4 cool ways to do this on a budget!

Frame fabric
The dupatta that you have worn too many times, but still love? The sari that has amazing motifs, but sadly has a tear on one side? Make a series of frames with these fabrics. The beauty of this art lies in the fact that the fabric wraps around the edge of the frame, so do not use a conventional frame for it.

Frame Fabric


Tapestries look rich and interesting. You need to either patchwork some rare scraps of fabric cut out from clothes or upholstery, or use a ready-made fabric. If you are doing your own patchwork, stick to a colour palette for better results. Motifs that you can stitch on to fabric are easily available in crafting shops too. To take your tapestry from nice to gorgeous simply follow this tip. Stitch the final tapestry on to a single coloured backing fabric. Make a little overhanging ‘pocket’ at the top and bottom of the tapestry and push a wooden stick through it, like a curtain rod (Refer image). This gives a very authentic look and feel to the tapestry, and with a bit of effort you have saved yourself thousands of rupees! 

Add a thick gold twine on either side so you can hang it up as an accent art piece on one of your walls!

Tapestry Look


Make a collage of prints with a centred photograph
Draw an interesting outline such as a heart, a scooter, or even a home, and arrange scraps of prints of an old photograph within the outline. Leave enough white space around it, and frame it. It looks very arty yet aesthetic, and you have got yourself some art on a budget!

Origami art 
Origami can look gorgeous in a minimalist setting. Make a 3D origami craft in interesting designs such as flamingos or bougainvillea flowers. Arranged in a cluster directly on the wall, or tacked to a frame, they add immense beauty. For best results, ensure that the wall is not too crowded with other photo frames or artwork.

Origami Art


Calligraphy and typography are celebrated art forms today. While calligraphy is a little difficult as it implies that you actually put a pen to paper and write creatively, typography is easier. There are hundreds of free typography fonts available on the internet. Just ensure that you are not flouting any rules or using them without a license. You could also buy them. Use these fonts to write out an interesting message, quote, or signboard. Print it and either decoupage it on metal, or simply stick it and varnish it. It makes for a stunning décor accessory on the wall, and hey, it’s art!


Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/littlestuffme/16483397065/

Have you got some innovative ideas for budget décor? We would love to hear from you!

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