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Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms are the major wet areas in the house. The dampness from a leaking bathroom can damage your expensive paints on the wall in the adjacent room and hence can spoil the overall look and feel of your house.

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Waterproofing Knowledge

  •  What are the repercussions of leakage for my home in the future and does it have any impact on the Vastu of my home?

    Vastu Shastra is the science of construction that optimizes the natural energies in a room. The powers in the area should positively impact the physical, financial and spiritual wellbeing of people using the space. All our natural elements: air, water, fire and earth impact the energy flow in our homes. According to the ancient Vastu Shastra, water seepage in homes can disturb the balance of life, creating spiritual and financial turmoil.

    The source, flow, and direction of water is a crucial element in Vastu Shastra. While steady and clear water stream is an indicator of wealth, flowing water signifies acceptance of the change. Leakage in bathrooms and kitchen and dampness on walls is not uncommon in homes these days.

    However, persistent leakage can disrupt the flow of energy in your home. Note that cosmetic solutions are just temporary! Leakage is a lifelong problem. Unless you fix it with bathroom waterproofing products, you won’t get any answer. Now the layout of your house once constructed, cannot be changed. But, you can fix the Vastu problems in it

    With the new bathrooms waterproofing solutionsby Dr Fixit, you have a better chance at increasing your health, wealth, and happiness.

  •  Should I waterproof my home at the time of construction or resolve the problem post construction?

    The answer is simple—waterproof during construction. If you waterproof your bathroom during installation, you won’t have to face any leakage issues and hassles later. It is just easy and helps you save time and money.

  •  Is there any solution to create a clean and dry bathroom that never leaks? Is there any new bathroom waterproofing solution available?

    Yes, we have Dr Fixit Bathseal range of bathroom waterproofing products. The products are the one-stop solution to ensure a clean and dry bathroom. Dr Fixit Bathseal range seals all four critical areas in a bathroom. For example, floor bed, shower splash zone, sanitary fittings, and nahani trap & drainage pipes.

  •  What are the precautions to be taken to avoid leakages in bathrooms?

    It is essential that water used in bathrooms is drained out only through the pipes. That is one mandatory step for waterproofing bathrooms and toilets.

  •  What is the need for new bathrooms waterproofing?

    These areas experience water ingress throughout the year and any seepage, leakage through these surfaces, can lead to detoriation of your precious interiors of adjacent room walls


  • testimonials Great company. All my requirements were taken care off. Give complete solution for the problem. Would definitely recommend all of you for there services.

  • testimonials While constructing my new home in Kashmir, I was informed about the 5 point leak free solutions related to waterproofing.I got all the areas waterproofed at a nominal cost when compared to the overall material used. The service was prompt and I have assured a home which will sustain for years to come. Hope this holds true!

  • testimonials Prompt service by the Dr Fixit team in waterproofing my new home in Gwalior, they came for inspections and also provided a trained applicator from their end.Quite happy with their services and commitment.

  • testimonials Awesome services - My House was waterproofed 3 years back & still I don't have any issues. Cost-effective products.

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Bathroom Waterproofing

You might be thinking if your new bathrooms require waterproofing? Well, yes, it does! Bathrooms are major wet areas in the house as they are exposed to water on a daily basis. The dampness can not only damage the internal bathroom walls, but the problem can extend to even the adjacent internal and bedroom walls. The resulting flaking paint can spoil the aesthetics of your home.

Waterproofing of both bathroom walls and floors is essential. If waterproofing them is missed out during new construction, it can be disastrous for your bathroom and other internal walls. And repairing bathroom leakages is a costly and tiresome process.

Why Dr Fixit Bathroom Waterproofing Solution

Water leaking into your bathroom floor and walls can cause serious damage. The first step in waterproofing a bathroom is finding the root cause of leakage. Bathroom waterproofing services include filling cracks in floor & tile joints, fixing plumbing lines, and installing right sanitary ware & fixtures.

The components used in making bathroom are generally resistant to any natural movement. Hence, any movement affects the joints & tiles and cause them to shift, which causes leakage and dampness on bathroom walls. So, it is crucial to apply bathroom waterproofing solutions correctly. Dr Fixit offers best in class bathroom waterproofing solutions in India.