Transform Your Living Space with Stunning Color Combos

Mix and Match Colours to Spruce up Your Living Space

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Mix and Match Colours to Spruce up Your Living Space

Living in the same environment can become monotonous and leave you feeling as if in a rut.

Living in the same environment can become monotonous and leave you feeling as if in a rut. Not only does it affect you psychologically but it also impacts your efficiency and functionality. The adage that ‘change is the only constant’ can be periodically applied to your surroundings to refurbish and redefine the décor. Once you spruce up your living space, it literally uplifts your mood.

One of the best ways to introduce change in your surroundings is by experimenting with colour. The correlation between colours and moods is well established and although you may have an individual response to certain colours, the overall effects of colours on people are similar (however there are cultural, gender, ethnic and regional specificities which may exist). Even splashes of certain colours impact your mood, for instance a bright yellow will have a cheerful effect and a dash of purple will enhance the drama.

A neutral or monochrome palette although elegant can become incredibly boring with time and requires a splash of vibrant colours to add interest and vivacity. For instance, grey and beige palettes, which are commonly used do look sophisticated, can be transformed to come alive with the judicious addition of electric blue, neon yellow or bold red. Similarly, a vibrant pink, effervescent gold or dark violet can make all the difference in your living space.

It is better to accessorise with bright, vivid colours rather than using them all over or as a backdrop for the entire space, as the effect could be overwhelming in such cases. Although, a red wall can be an effective statement for your individual style, remember to accessorise prudently so as not to overdo the outcome. Whatever you do, make sure you use the best quality construction materials in your home from the Roff range of home solutions to protect your interiors.

When sprucing up your living space, if you are not planning to completely alter your interiors, adding colours through accent pieces will have the desired effect without major renovation. For instance, you can introduce colours with the help of cushion covers, throw pillows, wall art, carpets and rugs, decorative objects and even select furniture pieces.

Do not be afraid to experiment with bold colours and to pair and coordinate them. When mixing and matching colours, if you have any doubt you may want to refer to the colour wheel in selecting warm and cool colours, complementary shades and so on. Colour swatches can also be used to give you a sense of which colours when combined together will give the desired effect. Keep your personality in mind when selecting colours and go for fun, cheerful combinations rather than dreary ones.

Interestingly, you may also be able to find unusual colour pairings that work for you, for instance, you may want to try out non-traditional palettes for more interesting and individual effects. The idea is to understand that why stay inside the box, when you are free to express your personality, and what better way to do this than through the use of apt colour choices.

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