Tips for Waterproofing Your Home for Ganpati Celebrations

Getting festive ready for Ganpati!


Getting festive ready for Ganpati!

Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and we need you to get all geared up ...

Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and we need you to get all geared up, so you shine and shimmer all through the festive season. Friends and family will constantly be dropping in and you want your home to be absolutely ready. Also, you have to create the most beautiful spot for the God, Ganpati himself. So how do you make the prettiest tiny home for Him during His stay at your home? We have got all that you need to know to make your home picture perfect.

Fairy Lights or a chain of bulb lights
The easiest and cutest idea, of course, are fairy lights. You get absolutely gorgeous ones on Hill Road or Crawford Market, Mumbai; from florals, twine balls to pastel colour fairy lights. You can put them in empty jars or wine bottles. Drape them around shelves and around Ganpati Bappa’s home as well.

Fairy Lights For Home Decor


This is key during any festival. When it comes to lighting, easy and chic is the best way to go about it. Lanterns are important components of this festival and are mainly used on the stairs to create an illusion of space and bring grandeur to the house. Use one colour or a similar colour palette to create an elegant look. We love the simple white paper ones that are available in the stores. Use lots of them with warm white bulbs and your space will look beautiful.

Lanterns For Home Decor


Flower Power
Place daisies, rajnigandhas or large green leaves inside lots of vases. Borosil clear jars are cheap and our favourite. Use a large vase on the centre table and smaller vases with delicate arrangements on the side tables for a well-balanced look. Another way to cheat the same effect is to use artificial flowers. If you are using artificial flowers, a good idea would be to light up a similar essence in the room. Smells like real flowers, looks like real flowers, and just so darn easy to maintain. Try not getting your florist to do those standard decorations. That look is quite boring.

Flower For Home Decor


Put out nice rugs for everyone to sit on. Say bye to the traditional ornate rugs and try out a mix of new contemporary rugs. The new trend is to use plastic chatai mats in bright graphic prints. They are reasonable and look fabulous. In the living room where the idol sits, place them in different combinations to create a chic sitting space. Throw in large floor cushions for people to be more comfortable.

Rugs For Home Decor


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