Roof Waterproofing FAQs


When you are building a house, it is very important to undertake the necessary steps to prevent water leakages and seepage. Dr. Fixit is India’s leading brand in waterproofing and offers a wide variety of products and solutions to meet all your waterproofing needs from foundation to roof.

Dr. Fixit protects your home from persistent problems like dampness, peeling paint, flaking etc. The innovative and holistic waterproofing solution hence guarantees leak free homes!

Dr. Fixit also offers full technical support with a large pool of trained applicators. Get in touch to experience state of the art waterproofing for your new construction.

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During monsoon our terrace is frequently filled up with water causing leakage below. What is the solutions?. - Roof Waterproofing

Before monsoon, ensure that all drains are cleaned. Provide a proper slope of 1:100 at least, with a mortar mixed with Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP.

Then use Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee, as roof waterproofing coating for home. This protects your terrace in just 2 easy coats.

Being UV resistant coating, it can be left exposed to sun without any top screeding.

It is also foot trafficable and the best part is that you need not break your terrace as being done traditionally with brickbat coba method.

What are the different reasons for internal wall dampness? What is the solution you recommend? - Roof Waterproofing

There are multiple reasons like rising dampness from high ground water table, cracks through which rain water seeps inside, seepage from adjoining leaking walls of bathroom and kitchen.

The current traditional waterproofing methods are not enough to tackle the severe dampness occurring due to these reasons. You need a specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently.

Dr. Fixit Dampguard is a unique & universal waterproofing treatment for internal dampness. You need not break the wall plaster to reach to brick level to waterproof it. It is directly applied to damp internal wall by brush and is very easy to use. Due to quick drying technology, the job is done very quickly. This treated wall can be plastered with waterproof leveling plaster to remove the undulations and give a smooth finish.

Does the terrace waterproofing need repairs? Why? - Roof Waterproofing

Your terrace or roof is the most externally exposed area which faces harsh weather conditions. This includes not only heavy rains but also scorching summers and shivering winters. Such climatic changes usually lead to thermal expansions in the ceiling of your home and may cause water seepage. Surface weakened over time ultimately results in more damage. This is why you need to apply waterproofing solutions over a certain period.

How do I avoid leakages from the terrace? - Roof Waterproofing

There are several areas on the terrace that need to be taken care of while waterproofing them. Such areas include pipes that come through parapet wall or the roof, small canals for cables and electric wires, thresholds of the terrace door, water tank corners, and so on. Besides, rainwater drain outlets coming out of the terrace, must be of the proper size and made available all around the roof. Get in touch with a Dr. Fixit expert to assess the best solution for waterproofing your roof.

Heavy rains in monsoon results in filling the water on the terrace frequently, leading to leakage. Is there any solution for this? - Roof Waterproofing

You need to clean drain outlets and pipes on time, coming from the terrace. Besides, they also need a proper slope, at least 1:100. You can use a mixture of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP and mortar to give it an appropriate and recommended slope. Furthermore, two coats of UV resistant Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee can be used for roof waterproofing.