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    When you are building a house, it is very important to undertake the necessary steps to prevent water leakages and seepage. Dr. Fixit is India’s leading brand in waterproofing and offers a wide variety of products and solutions to meet all your waterproofing needs from foundation to roof.

    Dr. Fixit protects your home from persistent problems like dampness, peeling paint, flaking etc. The innovative and holistic waterproofing solution hence guarantees leak free homes!

    Dr. Fixit also offers full technical support with a large pool of trained applicators. Get in touch to experience state of the art waterproofing for your new construction.


  • During monsoon water seeps into my bedroom at the window level. How do I stop it? - Internal Wall Waterproofing

    Generally, windows are fixed on the wall after the masonry work is complete. While doing so, a gap is bound to exist between the window frames and masonry. This gap may widen with time, creating all sorts of leakage problems. After a detailed inspection, apply Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant in these gaps. Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant is highly flexible which accommodates any movements caused by thermal expansion & contraction and is UV resistant.

  • Even after the proper plastering of the internal surface there are still many hairline cracks which have developed on the internal walls? - Internal Wall Waterproofing

    You can use Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree for sealing plaster cracks up to 10 mm. It is a nonshrink crack filler and is easily paintable over to match the shades of the wall.