Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon

Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon


Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon

When you visit someone’s home, you form an impression about how the interiors might look just by looking at the exterior walls.

When you visit someone’s home, you form an impression about how the interiors might look just by looking at the exterior walls. With the monsoon just around the corner, it’s essential to take protective measures in order to ensure safety of your home. Let’s explore some of the reasons why your exterior walls need to be taken care of before monsoon.

  1. External walls are like the border army of a home, often in the direct line of weather extremities. During the monsoons, they bear the direct force of harsh winds and lashing rains. A protective layer will therefore ensure that walls are safe.
  2. The health of your walls is as important as their external beauty. Badly built walls, or inadequate waterproofing will cause damage to the interiors of your home. Seepage, cracks and molds are the direct impact of these mistakes. An exterior water proofing solution that is resistant to both algae and fungus like Dr. Fixit Raincoat, is recommended.
  3. When walls are built, especially in contemporary RCC housing constructions, masonry is used to fill the gaps between the frames. If not done properly water can seep into the gaps and cause damage to external walls. A high performance waterproof coating will ensure that water slides off the external walls, and does not seep in through the gaps.
  4. Decorative external paints only beautify your external walls, and if the layer underneath the painted wall is not well protected, there is a good chance of damage to your external walls. A layer of decorative paint does not waterproof the walls. Luckily, we have a waterproofing solution that comes in 700+ shades. This completely does away with the need for a exterior waterproofing paint.
  5. The thickness of the waterproofing coating ensures the extent of wall protection. Thicker the coating, fewer are the chances of water seeping through. Dr. Fixit Raincoat consists of a coating which builds a film of 110120 micron thickness.

Do you really need a decorative layer of paint?
Waterproofing is no longer the multi-step process it used to be, with separate layers of coating and decorative paint. Paint and coating are terms that should never be used interchangeably. Paint is mainly a decorative layer, and can fall off during a harsh monsoon. A coating or film is thicker, more flexible and tougher. It fortifies your walls, and ensures that they are protected in the toughest of weather conditions. 
Instead of two different solutions, opt for a comprehensive waterproofing solution that comes in different shades. Dr. Fixit Raincoat is a waterproof cum decorative exterior coating. It comes in 700+ shades to choose from. More importantly, once applied, it protects your exterior walls for years, negating the need for annual wall repairs. 

Fortifying and waterproofing your home’s exterior walls should be a priority, especially in India where the rainy season is long and harsh. Luckily, new waterproofing solutions include a thick protective coating in different shades, and aesthetics is also guaranteed. So keep those external walls safe and looking good, while you enjoy the rains worry-free!

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