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How can a small building repair turn into a huge maintenance issue?

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How can a small building repair turn into a huge maintenance issue?

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The reason for sharing this story is to emphasize the importance of repair and maintenance in buildings in a timely manner so that it does not lead to bigger issues later on. Repair and maintenance of buildings is not just for cosmetic appearance or limited to a cleanliness drive, it serves a much larger purpose in ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained and all small issues are detected and addressed as early as possible to avoid expensive repairs later on, so that any damage to property, lives and finances can be averted. It necessitates responsible maintenance that has a comprehensive checklist and follows ethical practices to ensure a safe environment for all occupants.

It is, therefore, imperative that any issue related to water leakage in the walls, roofs, ceiling, bathrooms and water tanks are identified at the earliest, and this can happen only if there is an efficient repair and maintenance team to manage the facility. After all, it is much easier to repair the leakage from the air conditioning units than it is to rebuild the entire wall.

On another note, it is also important to mention that the quality of materials used during the construction is also critical in determining the life of the building. Yet, when there is an issue such as seepage of water which is allowed to continue, it will eventually cause bigger problems. It is so much easier and cheaper to treat the seepage when it is restricted to a smaller area than when it has spread to a larger surface.

Since any water leakage or seepage has the potential to turn into a huge concern, it is essential to periodically check the plumbing in a building, as faulty pipes or any breaks in the pipes can lead to seepage within walls and between floors resulting in greater damage. Similarly, waterproofing  of all surfaces and joints must be inspected and repaired to maintain a dry and safe environment.

Clearly, any small repair if left unattended and allowed to grow into a larger problem can become that much more difficult to treat, and will require greater effort and money to deal with it. Prevention is obviously much better than cure when it comes to maintenance in a building.

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