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Dr. Fixit Pidiproof Lw Roof Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit LW+ is used as an additive for cement, concrete & mortars.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof concrete during the construction stage
  • Improves Workability
  • Avoids cracking

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+
Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP Roof Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit URP is used as coating on concrete slab.

Key Features

  • Strengthens bonding of new and old concrete & plaster
  • Enhances strength & water resistance of repair mix - concrete & mortar

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP
Dr. Fixit Crack X Shrinkfree Internal Wall Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit Crack-X Paste Shrinkfree is used for surface preparation, waterproof coating, bonding primers, and more.

Key Features

  • Better hiding & better wall finish
  • Fiber-reinforced - strong adhesion to surface

Dr Fixit Crack x Paste Shrinkfree
Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K Bathroom Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry substrates.

Key Features

  • Elastomeric coating that resists water ingress
  • CFTRI certified – Safe for potable water tanks

Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K
Dr. Fixit Raincoat Wpc External Wall Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit Raincoat WPC is used as a waterproof coating on existing and new surfaces.

Key Features

  • Protect your external walls
  • Excellent hide and color retention

Dr. Fixit Raincoat WPC
Dr. Fixit Raincoat Classic External Wall Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit Raincoat Classic gives the external wall an excellent durable coating.

Key Features

  • Flexible and covers hairline cracks (up to 2 mm) effectively
  • Tough film withstands wind-driven rain

Dr. Fixit Raincoat Classic