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Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant

Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant Metal & Glazing is silicone polymer based sealant cures by absorption of moisture from air to a highly elastic rubber like seal. It is used for sealing & glazing of construction joints, metallic & glass joints because of excellent adhesion to porous & non-porous substrates, tough & high resilience and excellent UV resistance & weathering durability.

Areas of Application :

  • Sealing of window frame joints & wall construction joints
  • Sealing of joints between different building construction materials such as glass-to-glass, glass to aluminum, concrete to wood etc
  • Industrial sealing & bonding applications e.g machine gaskets, furnace vents, exhaust vents, air conditioners, refrigerated cold rooms, machine ducts, electrical equipments etc

Features and Benefits :

  • Ease of application – Single component, no mixing, easy to apply directly
  • Curing – No chemical curing, cures by moisture absorption from air
  • Corrosion - Neutral cure, no release of corrosive acidic fumes by product
  • Consistency - Soft & pasty consistency without any sagging
  • Adhesion - Bonds strongly to almost all building materials without primer
  • Shrinkage – Negligible hence no cracking and loss of adhesion
  • Elasticity - Highly elastic, rubber like material prevents cohesion failure after expansion & contraction
  • Service Temperature range - From -60oC to + 180oC
  • Durability – Excellent resistance to UV & weathering conditions thus provides longevity
  • Dielectric properties - Excellent dielectric properties so it can be used in electrical applications, e.g., gaskets etc

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