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Bathroom waterproofing

Do new bathrooms require waterproofing? Yes, they do! The bathroom area is exposed to water every day and thus, waterproofing bathroom floors are a must. During construction, if waterproofing of bathrooms and toilets is missed out, you can expect a disaster. And by that we mean, you’d end up shelling out more money. Because repairing leakages is a tiresome process which involves huge costs.

Recommended Solution

Use Dr. Fixit Bathseal, which is the latest range of bathroom waterproofing products:

  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal Tape: For strong bonding between PVC and cement
  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal Grout: Non-shrink, self levelling grout for drains and Nahani traps
  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal 2K: Elastomeric waterproof coating for sunken portion
  • Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP: Polymer Modified Mortar for Chambers

Conventional Method

Conventionally, Brickbat Coba is one technique that’s used for wet areas waterproofing. It serves as reservoir of water and seeps through it to below bathroom.


Budget Solution

Wish to take care of all leak prone areas of a bathroom? We mean gaps around pipe inserts, nahani traps & sanitary wares, sunken portion, splash zone, wallslab junction, etc. It’s all possible with the Dr. Fixit’s Bathseal, which is the new variety of bathrooms waterproofing products.


Q. What is the need for new bathrooms waterproofing?

A bathroom that’s not waterproofed can ruin interiors, hassle people, and incur significant repair costs in the future.

Q. What are the precautions to be taken to avoid leakages in Bathrooms?

It is essential that water used in bathrooms is drained out only through the pipes. That’s one mandatory step for waterproofing of bathrooms and toilets.

Q. Is there any solution to create a clean and dry bathroom that never leaks? Is there any new bathrooms waterproofing solution available?

Yes, we have Dr. Fixit Bathseal range of bathroom waterproofing products. This is a one-step solution to ensure a clean and dry bathroom. It seals all 4 critical areas in a bathroom. For example: floor bed, shower splash zone, sanitary fittings and nahani trap & drainage pipes.

Q. Should I waterproof my home at the time of construction or resolve the problem post construction?

Waterproof during construction! You won’t have to face any leakage issues and hassles after construction. It just helps save time & money.

Q. What are the repercussions of leakage for my home in the future and does it have any impact on the Vastu of my Home?

According to our ancient Vastu Shastra, water seeping in your home can disturb the balance of life, thus creating spiritual and financial turmoil. Vastu Shastra is the science of construction that optimizes the natural energies in a space so that they positively impact the physical, financial and spiritual wellbeing of people using that structure. All our natural elements, air, water, fire and earth impact the energy flow in our homes.

In fact the source, flow and direction of water is a crucial element in Vastu Shastra. While steady and clear water is an indicator of wealth, flowing water signifies an acceptance of change. Leakage in bathrooms and kitchen and dampness on walls is not uncommon in homes these days.

However, persistent leakage can disrupt the flow of energy in your home. Note that cosmetic solutions are just temporary! Leakage is a lifelong problem. Unless you fix it with bathroom waterproofing products, you won’t get any solution. Now the layout of your house once constructed, cannot be changed. But, you can fix the Vastu problems in it.

With the new bathrooms waterproofing solutions by Dr. Fixit, you have a better chance of increasing health, wealth, and happiness.