Introducing Superseal Hybrid Polyurea - Solution for Structural Protection

Evolution of Hybrid Polyurea in Dr. Fixit Waterproofing


Evolution of Hybrid Polyurea in Dr. Fixit Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit has become most promising brand in today’s Indian construction market by providing state-of-the art waterproofing solutions and has created footprint in almost all the marquee projects across India.

Dr. Fixit has become most promising brand in today’s Indian construction marketby providing state-of-the art waterproofing solutions and has created footprint in almost all the marquee projects across India. Dr Fixit offers the right waterproofing solution based on different design needs and construction challenges. It has established excellent track record in providing a wide range of product solutions covering 1K moisture cure PU, 2 K high solids PU LAM’s, PUD and Acrylic waterproof coating range including acrylic polymer cementitious range.

Over the years building occupants have been raising their expectations when it comes to performance of building materials. The expectation from waterproofing is no leakage and no dampness inside the structure. This expectation is however not fulfilled all the time as leakages and dampness keep on occurring.

To prevent this from happening, waterproofing materials need to be designed to consider changing structural design and construction practices. Today’s structures are designed for bigger spans, higher deflection, and shallow recesses in place of sunken portion in wet areas. Use of precast structures is constantly on the rise. At the same time, instances of cracking in concrete are also on the rise due to increased use of manufactured sand.

Hybrid Polyurea Waterproofing Evolution

With the ever-changing needs of the structure, waterproofing systems like Polyurea which is very tough but not resilient and Polyurethane systems which are flexible but not tough have evolved. Both the systems have advantages of their own but at the same have limitations which needed to be addressed. Addressing these limitations and catering to the modern-day requirements, Dr Fixit introduced Superseal Hybrid Polyurea range to achieve both toughness and resilience.

Waterproofing Systems

Dr. Fixit Superseal 4500 PUH - a 100% solids, fast cure Hybrid polyurea, is a two-component aromatic derived from reaction of Isocyanate with Amine and polyols. The product exhibits the advantages of seamless coating with high tensile strength, elongation, puncture resistance & tear strength offering long life cycles and high durability.

Dr. Fixit Superseal 4500 PUH

Dr Fixit Superseal 4500 PUH has been designed with

  1. High tensile of 15 Mpa - ASTM D 412 Allows the fully bonded LAM to sustain cracks developed at later stage in concrete without getting ruptured.
  2. High bond strength - Exceeding cohesive strength of concrete and resilient with high elongation 450% will not result in de-bonding due to high stresses developed at bond line as the membrane is fully bonded to the substrate
  3. Dynamic crack bridging abilityEN 1062-7 class B4.2, accommodates moments and cracks due to thermal stresses with good elongation property of 450% - ASTM D 412 and recovery capability of >95%
  4. Ability to sustain impact to the membrane while in process of waterproofing works and back filling

    Due to High puncture resistance1000 N – ASTM E 154 and abrasion resistance 60 mg loss as per ASTM D 4020 with Shore A Hardness 85 – ASTM D 2240

  5. High durability - System with high tensile and elongation which passes oxidation and hydrolysis test as per EN standards
Application of Hybrid Polyurea

Dr. Fixit has also developed a brush/roller/air spray grade hybrid polyurea solution considering the limitations of hot spray applied systems due to space, height or volume constraints. Superseal 900, compliments Superseal 4500 PUH to meet the high-end properties of LAM.

Roller Hybrid Polyurea Solution

Superseal hybrid polyurea systems have been developed in-house with the help of a strong, research-driven innovation led with consumer insights and has been successfully applied in more than 1 million sqm are across India. Our R&D team works closely with the marketing and technical service team to develop and enhance products that meet the continuously changing requirements of structures, construction practices and customer expectations.

With its high technical properties and sustainable performance, Superseal hybrid polyurea is the ideal solution for many challenges and provides a quick, efficient and lasting waterproofing seal to the structure.

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