How can proper ventilation save your waterproofed bathroom

Why proper ventilation is important for your waterproofed bathroom

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Why proper ventilation is important for your waterproofed bathroom

Discover how ventilation can do wonders to bathroom waterproofing - saving you from water-related damages and health risks (and save you money on repairs).

As a modern homeowner, you have invested considerable time and resources to create a stylish and waterproofed bathroom. From sleek tiles to modern fixtures - it has it all. However, there's a silent contributor to your bathroom's health and longevity - proper ventilation.

In this article, we'll understand why proper ventilation is a non-negotiable component of any bathroom design. And also, its impact on both - the bathroom and your health.

Advantages of proper ventilation in bathrooms

Proper ventilation can help solve several water-related issues in the bathroom, like -

1. Preventing moisture buildup - Moisture buildup and bathrooms go hand in hand. Problem - moisture can ruin the waterproofing products used. Solution - exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, etc., can help keep your bathroom dry. You must also keep bathroom doors and windows open to help the area dry faster.

2. Growth of mould and mildew - Moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew that is not only harmful to your bathroom but also to your health. Mould and mildew can cause skin diseases, respiratory problems, allergies, etc. A well-ventilated, waterproofed bathroom will help prevent these effectively. 

3. Condensation control - Improper ventilation can cause condensation on bathroom surfaces. The moisture collected can then seep through the walls and ceiling, damaging your bathroom's walls and its ceiling. It can also affect the adjoining walls. 

4. Odour issues - Damp and improperly ventilated bathrooms can cause a bad odour due to the growth of fungi. Proper air circulation reduces the possibility of fungi growth and any unpleasant smell, making your bathroom far more pleasant.

5. Protection of cabinets and racks - Fixtures like cabinets, racks, etc., are constantly exposed to moisture in the bathroom. This moisture can cause puffiness and further damage to your bathroom furniture.

An important point to remember here is that ventilation will effectively work against water-related damages only if your bathroom is waterproofed in the first place. Without waterproofing, your bathroom is susceptible to seepage and dampness that can affect it for the worse.

Keeping your bathrooms dry

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