Waterproofing During Renovation: Questions to Ask a Contractor

Decoding waterproofing: 6 Must-ask questions before renovating

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Decoding waterproofing: 6 Must-ask questions before renovating

Refer to this handy guide when discussing waterproofing requirements with your contractor to ensure the durability of your recently revamped house.

Mr Mehta is planning to renovate his home to improve its aesthetics and interior design. His contractor advised him to waterproof his entire house to ensure an overall improvement. While the idea seemed good, he's not sure what to discuss with his contractor.

If you, too, are renovating your house, waterproofing is an essential step for your home's longevity. And if you're unsure where to begin, here's a cheat sheet to guide your discussion with your contractor regarding waterproofing.

6 Questions you must ask your contractor regarding waterproofing

1. What's your experience with waterproofing?

It's important to know your contractor's experience to ensure high-quality services. Ask about their past work, especially projects similar to your renovation needs. You can also look for a Dr. Fixit certified contractor who will have the right expertise, experience, and capability to address your home's waterproofing needs.

2. What will you check during the site assessment?

When you're planning to incorporate waterproofing while renovating your home, it's important your contractor does a site assessment first. A thorough site assessment involves checking your home's current condition, identifying the weak spots, and creating a waterproofing plan that would address any underlying problems before waterproofing.

3. Are there any common trouble spots in homes that I might not be aware of?

There are five areas that must be waterproofed during a renovation - walls (interior and exterior), bathroom, kitchen, roof, and the water tank. Hiring an experienced contractor will help spot other trouble areas you might have missed. Their expertise in this regard will proactively address any issues and make waterproofing more effective.

4. How will you address the existing water damage?

If your home has existing water damage like seepage or leakage, you must deal with it before renovating. Ask your contractor how they plan to fix the problem. They may need to repair leaks or even change plumbing fixtures. If your contractor has a clear plan to deal with the damage, your home renovation process will be smoother.

5. What kind of exterior coating will you use to support waterproofing?

While painting is NOT waterproofing, the right product, however, can support the waterproofing layer. Instead of merely going for any product, ensure your contractor opts for waterproof exterior coating, like the Dr. Fixit Raincoat range, to ensure lasting durability and aesthetics.

6. Can you provide a detailed timeline for the waterproofing project?

Ask your contractor for a detailed timeline which includes important dates, milestones, and any potential disruptions to your daily life. This will help you ensure the waterproofing work is completed on time.

Ready to begin?

Following this cheat sheet, you can now confidently discuss waterproofing with your contractor and get the best results. 

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