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Painting is not waterproofing

Decorative paints only beautify your walls, and if the layer underneath the painted wall is not well protected from water, there is a good chance of damage to your walls.

The thickness of the waterproofing coating ensures the extent of wall protection. Thicker the coating, fewer are the chances of water seeping through. Dr. Fixit Raincoat consists of a coating which builds a film of 110-120 micron thickness.

Just protecting the walls might not be enough as specific areas in your home such as bathroom/roof/tank would need special waterproofing care.

Conclusion In India where rainy and summer seasons are long and harsh, you need a customized waterproofing solution from a waterproofing expert after an audit of your home.

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Dr. Fixit Advantage


A name synonymous with waterproofing in India, Dr. Fixit introduced the concept of waterproofing in the country. An expert in terms of innovative service and effective products, Dr. Fixit has the edge in the field of waterproofing in India.


You need not worry about the competancy of the applicator visiting your home from Dr. Fixit. We train and certify our applicators to ensure a standardized high-quality service for all our customers.


Dr. Fixit products and service comes with complete transparancy in terms of pricing to help build customer confidence.

Best in class waterproofing services needed?

Why should you care about 'Total Waterproofing' while constructing your home?

Different parts of your home require different attention to ensure a leak-proof home for ages. 'Total Waterproofing' is the science of waterproofing your home while constructing it to save more than 3x money on leakage realted repairs later.

Want a leak free home for years to come? Check out this video

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  • A lot of companies provide paint services which take care of waterproofing. Why do I need to carry out a coating service additionally?

    Each house is different and needs a thorough audit to understand multiple sources of possible leakages. A Dr. Fixit expert can suggest different products to be used as per severity and placement of a possible leakage to address the issue for long term. Just a paint job might look good for a few months, but come next monsoon you might be staring at the leakage again. 

  • Should I waterproof my home at the time of construction or resolve the problem post construction?

    Waterproofing during construction is the best! You won’t have to face any leakage issues and hassles after construction. It helps you save 3x money on leakage repair. Waterproofing works as insurance protection for your valued assets.

  • For How Long the Waterproofing Solution Lasts?

    Usually, any waterproofing solution comes with a guarantee of 10 to 15 years; however, it is subject to the method of applying it and the proportion of the elements. If you follow the steps wisely, you don’t need to re-waterproof your bathroom even beyond this range.

  • How do I avoid leakages from the terrace?

    There are several areas on the terrace that need to be taken care of while waterproofing them. Such areas include pipes that come through parapet wall or the roof, small canals for cabels and electric wires, thresholds of the terrace door, water tank corners and so on. Besides, rainwater drain outlets coming out of the terrace, must be of the proper size and made available all around the roof. Get in touch with a Dr. Fixit expert to assess the best solution for waterproofing your roof.

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Still have questions? Hear from our happy customers

Nitin Jain

Site Completed: October 2019

It’s been some years since I opted for Dr.Fixit waterproofing solutions as there was an ongoing leakage issue.I was experiencing this issue with my terrace, as the cracks formed resulted to huge leakage problem affecting my home interiors.My contractor chose to use some waterproofing products to see if the leakage continued. However, it stopped for some time and then continued again.Then I got in touch with Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions and they suggested I use one of their waterproofing products called Dr. Fixit Newcoat. Since then, my terrace has not given us any problems whatsoever.I hope this problem doesn’t come up again.

Kaustubh Kasture

Site Completed: June 2018

My bedroom walls had a seepage issue since quite some time as it is connected to the bathroom. Even after painting and using various products, the problem occurred frequently and I to spend a lot of money. After consulting my contractor, he suggested the use of Dr. Fixit waterproofing products and waterproofing solutions to prevent this problem. For now, the seepage issue has been suppressed but I hope choosing Dr.Fixit waterproofing products will be a good decision.

Vicky Singh

Site Completed: April 2018

One of the worst problems I faced after the construction of my new home was leakage in one of the bedrooms. I live in a bungalow at Vasai east, and I failed to waterproof my house during the construction phase. While my contractor was unable to warn me about the consequences of not waterproofing my home, my neighbour asked me to get it done as soon as possible, and not wait any longer. So I got in touch with Dr.Fixit waterproofing professionals as I had heard that their products are widely used, and they suggested that I use Dr.Fixit Roofseal for my terrace and Dr.Fixit Raincoat for external walls.I was impressed with the service provided by their nearby dealer and I hope that I don’t face any leakage in the future.

Kanika Khanchandani

Site Completed: August 2019

I live in a bungalow in (Wai), every monsoon I face leakage in the house interiors due to heavy rainfall. Even after using waterproofing products and expensive paint, the problem persisted. My friend informed me about Dr. Fixit Raincoat, and I purchased them from the nearest dealer. My contractor hired some men to do the job, even once the work was done I was still sceptical about the result. However, this monsoon, there was no leakage problem, and I was relieved to see that.Choosing Dr. Fixit waterproofing was a good decision.