Create a Ceiling that is all about charm - The Happy Homes


Create a Ceiling that is all about charm - The Happy Homes

A beautiful scenery is incomplete without the blue sky and your beautiful home is incomplete without a good ceiling design. When it comes to the ceiling, in most of the homes, you will see a flat ceiling with a fan in the centre.

A bit lavish one might have a chandelier gracing the ceiling. A good home design is one where each and every component of the room is tied together and ceiling design is a very important contributor in this. A good ceiling design, whether it is for the living room, bedroom or the dining, gives a unique character to the room.

Designing a false ceiling has many advantages too. A drop ceiling reduces the volume of the room which in turn reduces your air-conditioning expenses. If your apartment is on the top floor then a false ceiling acts as a heat buffer between the ceiling and room thus keeping your home cooler.
When designing a ceiling you need to consider different factors like the availability of space, height of the room, surrounding walls and the distinct theme for home design. This way you can give the room a unique personality which will leave a lasting impression on everyone visiting the space.

To make it easier for you, below are a few points that you need to consider while designing a ceiling:

1. Design for the space:
It is always very important to understand the character of a space for which the ceiling needs to be designed. In a small space, a low ceiling will feel claustrophobic whereas too high ceiling will result in poor acoustics. A high ceiling of 12 -14 feet in a more public space like a living room or a dining room is acceptable. In a private space like a bedroom, a 9 -10 ft high ceiling is good. For toilets, ceilings at 7-8 ft are acceptable.


2. Blend with the theme:
It is essential that the ceiling design blends with the theme of the interior design. If the whole interior design implements straight lines in its furniture, patterns and walls then it is a bad idea to go for curved ceilings. Same way if the theme is minimalistic then going for a very ornate ceiling design is a no – no.


3. Introduce levels
Adding ceiling at different levels breaks the monotony and creates interest. It also adds depth to the ceiling design. Varying ceiling heights in the same room will create discrete activity zones. This will make the home feel more vibrant. The best place to drop down a ceiling is around the edges of a room so it defines a space for individual or small-group activity. It can be your dining area or a reading corner along the wall. Small details like this will make your design stand apart.

4. Bring in the colour, add trims
Colour greatly affects the feel of a space. Paint darker tones to make a ceiling feel lower climactically adding intimacy to space. Use lighter tones to expand a space by reflecting light. Adding moulded trims to the ceiling edges along with white paint will bear an English character to space.


5. Play with materials
When designing a ceiling, gypsum is not the only option available. You can use decorative MDF panels which will offer you different patterns and designs. You can use wooden panels in the ceiling. The wooden finish gives a very rich feel to the ceiling and is also easily cleanable.

6. Add glamour with lighting
For this, a part of the ceiling has to be lowered, either the central part is lowered or the part along the edges are lowered and lighting source is installed along projecting edge of the lower ceiling (coves). This makes the ceiling appear like it is glowing and emitting light. Also these days with the availability of LED rope lights it has become easy to illuminate any form of coves from zig-zag to curves. Another advantage is that LED lights come in a variety of colours. So, your ceiling can be lit with soothing shades of blue or pink or any other by cove lighting.


When installing a ceiling at your place, make sure you check your roof for any cracks. Rainwater seeping through cracks can spoil the false ceiling. Also once the false ceiling is installed, it becomes difficult to trace where the seepage is coming from.

It is wise to waterproof your roof with Dr.Fixit Roofseal as its high film build up provides excellent water resistance. So, go ahead and get your dream ceiling. A great ceiling complements rest of the room, lifts its visual appeal and offers it a fresh new perspective that is both ergonomic and aesthetic. At the end of the day, it is the perfect blend of style with substance!