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Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms are the major wet areas in the house. The dampness from a leaking bathroom can damage your expensive paints on the wall in the adjacent room and hence can spoil the overall look and feel of your house.

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Waterproofing Knowledge

  •  How to apply Dr. Fixit Bitufix?

    Dr. Fixit Bitufix is used to provide damp proofing for below-ground concrete structures. It is used on prepared and primed surfaces. To apply Dr. Fixit Bitufix, a roller, brush, or airless spray is used. Usually, two coats are applied. The second coat should be perpendicular to the first coat.

  •  How much time needs to be spent after waterproofing for using the bathroom?

    Bathroom waterproofing solution applied on the surface must be dry at the time of using the bathroom. Usually, bathroom waterproofing solutions come with a time frame, and the product/service provider notify you how much time it takes to dry.

  •  Is there any waterproofing solution to make bathroom completely leak-free?

    Your bathroom usually has four areas that are most likely to leak, viz. the floor bed, drainage pipes, sanitary fittings and shower areas. To get these areas completely waterproof, Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K and Bathseal Tape and Grout are the comprehensive systems that help you make your bathroom 100% leak-free for years to come.

  •  For How Long the Waterproofing Solution Lasts?

    Usually, any waterproofing solution comes with a guarantee of 10 to 15 years; however, it is subject to the method of applying it and the proportion of the elements. If you follow the steps wisely, you don’t need to re-waterproof your bathroom even beyond this range.

  •  Which Areas in the Bathroom Need Waterproofing?

    Being the largest wet area in your home, it is always advised to waterproof each and every corner of the bathroom. The floor is the most exposed surface, whereas shower walls are also wet up to a particular height. Usually, bathroom waterproofing solutions need to be applied at every corner and even on the side walls up to 20 cm from the base. If you notice the dampness on the other side of the wall, you can cover respective areas with Dr. Fixit bathroom waterproofing solutions.


  • testimonials My bedroom walls had a seepage issue since quite some time as it is connected to the bathroom. Even after painting and using various products, the problem occurred frequently and I to spend a lot of money. After consulting my contractor, he suggested the use of Dr. Fixit waterproofing products and waterproofing solutions to prevent this problem. For now, the seepage issue has been suppressed but I hope choosing Dr.Fixit waterproofing products will be a good decision.

  • testimonials One of the worst problems I faced after the construction of my new home was leakage in one of the bedrooms. I live in a bungalow at Vasai east, and I failed to waterproof my house during the construction phase. While my contractor was unable to warn me about the consequences of not waterproofing my home, my neighbour asked me to get it done as soon as possible, and not wait any longer. So I got in touch with Dr.Fixit waterproofing professionals as I had heard that their products are widely used, and they suggested that I use Dr.Fixit Roofseal for my terrace and Dr.Fixit Raincoat for external walls.I was impressed with the service provided by their nearby dealer and I hope that I don’t face any leakage in the future.

  • testimonials I live in a bungalow in (Wai), every monsoon I face leakage in the house interiors due to heavy rainfall. Even after using waterproofing products and expensive paint, the problem persisted. My friend informed me about Dr. Fixit Raincoat, and I purchased them from the nearest dealer. My contractor hired some men to do the job, even once the work was done I was still sceptical about the result. However, this monsoon, there was no leakage problem, and I was relieved to see that.Choosing Dr. Fixit waterproofing was a good decision.

  • testimonials Last year at this time, the walls of my home started getting damp post heavy rains in the previous season. I found about Dr. Fixit Dampguard through the website and applied it on the walls. Didn’t face similar problems this year. Thanks, Dr. Fixit.

  • testimonials Living on the top floor of a building is undoubtedly exciting, but it brings along with it terrible roof leakage problems. I faced a similar situation in my home since I stay on the topmost floor of a building which is just below the terrace. Always during the monsoon, the terrace gets water clogged, and that leads to bad leakage in my hall area. I’ve tried so many products to fix this issue and even spread plastic over the affected areas of the terrace to prevent water leakage, but it didn’t help. After so many tried and tested means, my building contractor and I resorted to using Dr.Fixit’s Roofseal roof waterproofing products. And the product proved to be extremely helpful, as the leakage didn’t occur the following monsoon season. I should’ve used Dr.Fixit roof waterproofing products at the beginning itself to prevent any other leakage issues. But they say, better late than never, I would recommend using Dr.Fixit waterproofing solutions for every leakage issue faced in a home.

  • testimonials It’s been some years since I opted for Dr.Fixit waterproofing solutions as there was an ongoing leakage issue.I was experiencing this issue with my terrace, as the cracks formed resulted to huge leakage problem affecting my home interiors.My contractor chose to use some waterproofing products to see if the leakage continued. However, it stopped for some time and then continued again.Then I got in touch with Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions and they suggested I use one of their waterproofing products called Dr. Fixit Newcoat. Since then, my terrace has not given us any problems whatsoever.I hope this problem doesn’t come up again.

  • testimonials I had a good experience with Dr Fixit guys. So, the building I was staying in was getting renovated on the top floors and my flat was exposed directly to the outside environment. Anyways, that was not a problem until monsoon when water started peeping in through my ceiling corner. Every time that it rained, I found my ceiling experiencing seepage problems . I contacted my landlord and he addressed my issue within a week. He called Dr Fixit guys from Mumbai, who came and inspected the dripping ceiling. They came back with their waterproofing product and solved the problem in a short span of time. Thumbs up to Dr Fixit.

  • testimonials Having stayed in a bungalow in Ghansoli since 15 years, we’ve often faced the issue of bathroom leakage in the master bedroom. It was a task using different waterproofing solutions to solve this issue. When I consulted my contractor, he suggested that I give Dr.Fixit solutions a try. And the result was surprising! My bathroom that was facing the leakage issue doesn’t leak anymore. In fact, it’s so much better, than I’ve waterproofed even the other bathrooms in my other bedrooms. The contractor suggested Dr.Fixit Pidifin, 2K. I’m happy that I don’t have to overspend on repairs in the future.

  • testimonials My house was facing a terrace seepage situation on the account of water tank overflowing. It was an ongoing issue which was under control for some time but had popped up again. I had heard about waterproofing services by Dr. Fixit being good but wasn’t sure. However, after listening to my contractor, I used the products for my terrace. It’s been over 5 months, and the leakage has stopped, which is a good thing. I hope this issue doesn’t come up again.

  • testimonials I contacted Dr Fixit waterproofing solutions for my terrace leakage some months backs. My spouse and I had purchased an apartment in Bandra and took possession about ten months back. However, within, a month or two, damp patches were seen on the ceiling. Mainly because we live a floor below the terrace (topmost level). We contacted the building owner, before reaching out to Dr. Fixit, but he didn’t seem that interested. Finally, we reached Dr.Fixit on their toll-free number; that very instant, my call was promptly answered by the Dr.Fixit office in Mumbai.My issue was raised, and I got in touch with the Dr Fixit staff, who very nicely, explained every aspect of the product to be used for terrace waterproofing. Within a few days, there was a representative who came by for inspection, and to check out how severe the issue was. On examination, he suggested a few products, which eventually were used. Once the monsoon arrived, the leakage issue didn’t seem to pop-up. I’m glad that my query for catered to, and my problem is no longer an issue. I appreciate the quick reply and good work too!

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Bathroom Waterproofing

People often ask as to why bathrooms need waterproofing? It is simply a place where someone goes to freshen up and rejuvenate. However, don’t forget the fact that bathrooms is one of those wet areas of your home, exposed to a substantial amount of water every day. Today, bathrooms are not just a  personal space,  we try to make it as attractive as the overall home décor is. Not just wet walls, but the sanitary fittings and pipes also cause water seepage in the bathroom area, which can surely destroy the aesthetics of your home. This is where the need for bathroom waterproofing while repair/renovation arises.

Why Dr. Fixit Bathroom Waterproofing?

One of the leading bathroom waterproofing solution providers in India, Dr. Fixit offers various  products for every issue causing water leakage and seepage through your bathroom.

The bathroom is the place which is found wet most of the times. This makes it crucial to find a permanent solution in order to prevent seepage/leakage from the joints and even through the wall cracks. Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions help you fix all these issues by applying them on the walls, floor and even on the joints sharing walls with your living room.

Many times, hairline cracks cause major damage because tracing them by naked eyes is impossible. Dr. Fixit bathroom waterproofing solutions enter all such thin and invisible cracks and prevent water penetration through them.

Mixing Dr. Fixit bathroom waterproofing solutions with cement and applying it on the affected area helps not only filling cracks but also protects concrete from corrosion and maintains plaster quality.