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Bathroom waterproofing

The bathroom area is exposed to water everyday. If the bathroom is not waterproofed during the stage of construction, repairing a leaking bathroom is lengthy process and incurs huge costs.

Recommended Solution

Use Dr. Fixit Bathseal Range of products for 100% leak free bathroom waterproofing.

  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal Tape:  For strong bonding between PVC and cement
  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal Grout:  Nonshrink, self levelling grout for drains and Nahani traps
  • Dr. Fixit Bathseal 2K:  Elastomeric waterproof coating for sunken portion
  • Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP: Polymer Modified Mortar for Chambers


Conventional Method

Conventionally, Brickbat Coba is used for wet areas waterproofing, It acts as reservoir of water and seeps through it to below bathroom.


Budget Solution

Use Dr. Fixit Bathseal range of products which take care of all leak prone areas of a bathroom like gaps around pipe inserts, nahani traps & sanitary wares, sunken portion, splash zone, wallslab junction.


Q. What is the need for Bathroom waterproofing?

A bathroom or kitchen not waterproofed can ruin interiors, hassle residents, and incur significant repair costs in the future.

Q. What are the precautions to be taken to avoid leakages in Bathrooms?

It is essential that water used in bathrooms and kitchen is drained out only through the pipes

Q. Is there any solution to create a Leakfree Bathroom and ensure that the bathroom never leaks?

Yes, we have Dr. Fixit Bathseal range of products which is a comprehensive solution to make your bathroom completely leakfree. It seals all 4 critical areas in a bathroom like floor bed, shower splash zone, sanitary fittings and nahani trap & drainage pipes.

Q. Is it essential to waterproof my home at the time of construction or should I only resolve issues post construction?

Yes, it is essential to waterproof the new house during construction. You will be saved from post construction leakage issues, mental stress and the time & money.

Q. What are the repercussions of leakage for my home in the future and does it have any impact on the Vaastu of my Home?

According to our ancient Vastu Shastra, leakage or seepage can create havoc in ones life leading to spiritual and financial turmoil.Vastu Shastra is the science of construction that optimises the natural energies in a space so that they positively impact the physical, financial and spiritual wellbeing of people using that structure. All our natural elements, air, water, fire and earth impact the energy flow in our homes. In fact water, its source, flow and direction, is one of the crucial elements in Vastu Shastra. While steady and clear water is an indicator of wealth, flowing water signifies an acceptance of change. Leakage in bathrooms and kitchen and dampness on walls is not uncommon in homes these days. However, persistent leakage or seepage can disturb the flow of energy in your home and lead to financial turmoil and emotional anxiety. Cosmetic solutions can only serve a temporary remedy. Leakage remains a lifelong problem unless you fix it with a waterproofing product that will give you a long term solution. While you cannot change the layout of your house once its constructed, it is easy to fix the Vastu problems in it. In fact, by merely addressing leakages, you have a better chance of accumulating and growing wealth, improving your health and happiness levels and leading a peaceful life.