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Waterproofing Solutions in MUMBAI

India, known to have a tropical climate, receives ample of rainfall. While this does sound like a great thing, it sometimes leads to problems such as leakage. Leakages from drainage systems and surrounding water bodies form a threat to home’s substructure. The above problem can only be solved if stringent measures are taken beforehand. One of the best means to keep your home safe during such circumstances is by employing waterproofing solutions. While we care for our homes and adorn it with the best, it is essential to look out for and rectify any potential leakages that may hinder the beauty of it in future. Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Solutions is one of the best ways to prevent potential leaks in your home.

Why Choose Dr.Fixit Waterproofing in MUMBAI?

Are you looking for waterproofing solutions in Mumbai? Dr. Fixit is a great choice! We are a well-known brand with a wide range of products and services that cater to different buildings and structures. Homeowners and contractors alike trustDr. Fixitfor their waterproofing needs. We make sure to use the latest methods and best materials when manufacturing our waterproofing products because we know quality is key if you want something to actually be effective and stand the test of time. Another reason to go with Dr. Fixit is the availability of our services. We have a network ofwaterproofing contractors in Mumbai who can handle any type of project.

Waterproofing solutions 1
Waterproofing solutions 1

When should one opt for Waterproofing Services in MUMBAI?

Waterproofing is essential to protect your building from damage caused by Mumbai’s humid and rainy environment. If you notice any signs of water damage like damp or moldy walls, peeling paint, or musty smells, it’s time to call in the waterproofing experts. When building or renovating in Mumbai, professional waterproofing services should be part of your initial plans. Getting it done afterwards can be much more expensive and disruptive. Proper waterproofing now can save you a ton of headaches and repair costs down the road. Waterproofing costs in Mumbai vary depending on the size and material of your structure, so get multiple estimates from experienced contractors. Compare the quotes to find a fair price that fits your budget, then hire the contractor you feel most confident in. Protecting your investment with professional waterproofing is well worth the cost.

How Dr Fixit Works?

Dr Fixit is an expert in waterproofing solutions for homes and businesses in India. We offer a wide range of products like sealants, coatings and membranes that keep water out of buildings. To get Dr Fixit’s products installed properly, you hire one of our certified contractors. The contractor will first inspect your home or building to determine which product is the best fit. Dr Fixit’s products are simple for contractors to use and made to last. Once installed correctly, you can rest assured that your property is protected against the damage caused by water leaks for many years to come.


A name synonymous with waterproofing in India, Dr. Fixit introduced the concept of waterproofing in the country. An expert in terms of innovative service and effective products, Dr. Fixit has the edge in the field of waterproofing in India.


You need not worry about the competancy of the applicator visiting your home from Dr. Fixit. We train and certify our applicators to ensure a standardized high-quality service for all our customers.


Dr. Fixit products and service comes with complete transparency in terms of pricing to help build customer confidence.