Why consult an architect before a major home renovation?

Why consult an architect before a major home renovation?


Why consult an architect before a major home renovation?

Being a homeowner is the best feeling in the world. It is your personal space.

Being a homeowner is the best feeling in the world. It is your personal space. To keep it the way you want, to make few changes here and there over a period of time is normalcy. But once in a lifetime comes that major renovation that changes how you live. It might be adding a whole new floor for your newlywed children, turning around the space according to Vastu-Shastra or renovating a decade old home interior. Regardless of what you want your space to be, all major home renovations can benefit from the expert design help of an experienced, licensed architect.

The mention of an Architect’s involvement puts people into thinking about the cost implications of involving an expert. Many people might shrug it off thinking architects are only required for expensive home designs and bigger projects. But on the contrary, homes are spaces which require more value engineering in terms of space saving functions along with aesthetics. Architects are more tuned to carry on a thoughtful evaluation and design and most of the times they will exceed your expectations. Let’s see the reasons why you should consult an architect before a major home renovation.

Thorough planning
As a professional, an architect is one who is trained and skilled to understand your needs and translate them into a good design. When renovating a home he would be sensitive to the existing architecture of your home. Most of the times it is not necessary to break or demolish things during a renovation and an architect would guide you perfectly as how you can achieve the same with fewer alterations. An architect’s understanding of scale and proportion allows him to create a refined vision of the complete project that you can see and understand. Also, architects are experts at seeing not only the big picture but also the many steps involved from the initial design to complete execution of the project.

Once the conceptual designing of the project is done, a lot of detailing needs to be done to the joinery works, civil works which the contractor will use to execute your project. This again is an expertise of architects where they create measured drawings as per existing conditions to make sure no space is wasted.

Also while renovating your home there would be many additions in terms of designer fitting, paintings or artifacts which you might want to incorporate in your new space. An architect would precisely know at what point of time the elements would be required. This allows him to plan in advance in terms of ordering the stuff so they are available at the right time.

Technical know-how 
When hiring an architect, most of us think that they are only involved with the design and aesthetical part of it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The main role of an architect comes into play during the addition alterations of the project. The architect can study your home’s old plans and determine the feasibilities. Understand the strong and weak point of your home and build things according. If the design requires any structural construction or strengthening then he will get it done keeping the aesthetics in mind.

Also, he will make sure that the project renovation is in sync with the prevailing construction laws of the city. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law after investing so much in a home. Hiring a pro makes sure your home renovation plays by the rules.

Hire support
As the architect is the person who plans the design and flow of the renovation, he or she is the perfect person to coordinate and employ the various professional and contractors required for executing the project. Also with his previous experience of working with different agencies, an architect knows who the right person to do the job is. For example, an architect will meet with an agency of structural engineers or HVAC mechanics prior to construction to discuss the design, answer their questions and ensure that everyone knows what their role is and what is expected from them.

Quality management
You invest your hard earned money in the home renovation so you must get the product of highest quality and standard. Every material in the home design industry is available in a lot of colors, shades, and finishing. And the architect is the person who knows how the finishing should be so his design looks good.

With so many things being taken care by the architect, it becomes easier for you to concentrate on your daily job and worry less about the project. Of course, you have to monitor things from your end but then things are easier when you consult an architect.

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