Waterproofing: The vital first step in home decoration and renovation

Renovation with protection: Why house waterproofing is necessary


Renovation with protection: Why house waterproofing is necessary

Explore why waterproofing is the cornerstone of a successful home decoration and renovation journey. Learn how it protects against structural damage & much more.

Renovating Your House? Here's Why You Should Consider Waterproofing as Well

Renovating your house is a step towards a fresh start and an opportunity to introduce new decor, mood, themes, etc., into your home. However, any old and new elements in the house are at risk of getting affected by water-related damages if the house isn't waterproofed. Therefore, if you are renovating your home, it is the perfect time to get waterproofing done. 

But is waterproofing during renovation really that important? YES

Let us tell you why.

Why is waterproofing essential during renovation?

Waterproofing prevents water-related damages and keeps away related concerns.

Waterproofing prevents -

  1. Water seepage - Water can seep into the house from various entry points for several reasons (weather, leakage, gaps, etc.). When a waterproofing treatment is done, it acts as a barrier, fills any gaps, and prevents water from seeping in, ensuring a dry environment. 
  2. Dampness and cold spots - Seepage, condensation, collection of water, etc., in particular places, can lead to constant dampness in that area, giving rise to cold spots, which can be easily prevented by waterproofing. 
  3. Visible damages - Discolouration, stains, cracking of paint, etc., are common consequences of water infiltration. Waterproofing keeps these issues at bay and ensures that your renovated home retains its beauty for longer.

Waterproofing protects -

  1. The house from water leakages - As the house ages, rusted pipes, faulty taps, appliances, etc., can cause water leakage. Though these are issues that a plumber can help you with, lasting waterproofing solutions ensure your house doesn't get affected by the dripping water.
  2. Different surfaces of the house - By waterproofing your house during renovation, you safeguard its roof and walls from the weather and climate, kitchens and bathrooms from damage due to constant exposure to water, and the water tank from water contamination. Seepage and leakage don't stand a chance when your house and all these surfaces are waterproofed. 
  3. The furniture and appliances - Many furniture pieces and appliances are placed adjacent to walls. Water can travel from the walls and affect these adversely. Affected electrical appliances pose an additional hazard, which can be prevented with the right waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing keeps away related concerns like -

  1. Costly repairs - Waterproofing during renovation ensures that you don't have to invest in repairing unnecessary damages.
  2. Health issues - Cold spots, mould and mildew, dust from efflorescence, and peeling paint can give rise to health concerns, especially certain respiratory diseases. A water-resistant home keeps issues like these away. 

While home renovation breathes a new life into your space, waterproofing treatment is a key addition that seals your home from water-related troubles. Without recurring dampness, annoying leaks, or sneezing fits due to mouldy spots, you get to live in a happy, healthy, and flaunt-worthy home.

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Consequences of not waterproofing your home during renovation

If you skip house waterproofing during renovation, you might be leaving affected areas, entry points for water, and any related concerns unattended. This might escalate and affect your living space and environment adversely.

As mentioned above, without waterproofing solutions, structures like walls and roofs, furniture, appliances, and even your health might face a negative impact. Along with that, the property value of your house might drop and call for more renovation and repair processes. Why let any such issues intensify when a simple waterproofing treatment can add a protective layer to your house and help you maintain your renovated home easily.

New look, new protection

House waterproofing and all related processes are simple when you have the right help. Experts at Dr. Fixit can help you spot the affected areas, guide you, and appoint certified contractors who will ensure that the waterproofing treatment is done with minimal hassle. For all waterproofing solutions and queries, you can reach out to us by filling out the form given below. 


FAQ#1 - What is the process of waterproofing?

The process of waterproofing during renovation is as follows -

Identifying water-related damages that have affected the house

Getting a basic understanding of waterproofing products and techniques used for different surfaces. For example, waterproofing solutions for interior walls will differ from roof waterproofing solutions. Having the right knowledge will help you spot hasty or substandard work

Appointing a certified specialist to spot hidden damages and repair them, followed by waterproofing   

The waterproofing treatment might need aftercare for a few days till it dries completely and and basic maintenance in the long run

FAQ#2 - What is waterproofing and why is it important for my home?

Waterproofing is the process of applying water-resistant products via different techniques to add a protective layer to your home. It is essential as it protects the home from water infiltration and weather conditions, preventing water-related damage. With waterproofing, you build a healthy and worry-free living space that stays beautiful for years to come.

FAQ#3 - What is the purpose of waterproofing in home decoration and renovation?

Home decoration and renovation is an opportunity to find all the damaged areas and repair them. Waterproofing during this time ensures that water doesn't give rise to these damages again, keeping your home sturdy for longer. Along with that, your decor elements may also get affected if they come in contact with a damaged surface or a source of water infiltration. Which, again, can be prevented through waterproofing. 

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