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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing


Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing

Community living is an integral part of human society. More so in big cities, where multi-storied apartments are a common residential choice. While living in a society has its advantages, it comes with the additional responsibility of shared accountability of upkeep and timely repairs of common spaces. Small repairs, if ignored over time, can lead to major damages to the structure. It is crucial to understand our responsibilities and what to watch out for, to keep our apartments safe and healthy.

Repairs and waterproofing are a major part of society maintenance, and often a cause for much conflict among the members who might have a different opinion on what it entails. It is important to get everyone on common ground, and for that a basic understanding of the key points of structural upkeep should be known to everyone.

Water and moisture ingress are often the source of defects and damages to a building. Once an opening has occurred in the exterior, water will eventually find its way in through the cracks, causing severe damage both externally and internally. This often leads to extremely costly rectification measures. Shoddy repairs done in a hurry and with the sole objective of penny pinching can lead to the building falling into disrepair over time, to the extent of it becoming dangerous and unlivable for all inhabitants. Waterproofing, especially, should be in top form, and should be carried out during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks.

Preventive measures can help a society save money
Inadequate roof and  poses a serious risk to the building, even leading to structural failures. Foundations exposed to water may develop cracks or joints, which lead to leakage and deterioration with time. Mould and mildew are also common fallouts of poor or complete lack of waterproofing in a society building. All residents need to have consensus while investing in quality products to keep the society building from such damages, as it will eventually result in a need for major repairs.

Society management and the residents themselves must strictly assert waterproofing as one of the important requirements in any high-rise building work. Correct waterproofing is also a large element in the preventive risk management of any structure. Its primary aim is to protect society assets as well as its occupants.

Prevention is a much wider investment than having to pay repeatedly for damage repairs. All buildings require efficient maintenance to protect them from water damage, eventually leading to savings from not having to spend on major damages. Building repairs and waterproofing is a major investment, and should be undertaken with reputed products and service providers who have ample experience in giving professional advice on leak repairs and other issues that need to be addressed. Using cheap and dubious local contractors who give low quotes, only to use dubious or low quality material will, over time, cost a lot more, not just in terms of money, but in the structure’s health and safety as well.

Early detection, quick prevention
Periodic façade inspections are a great way to keep a check on the condition of the building and membranes. Any cracks and damages can be viewed easily during summers, as the heat exposes them. Summer is also the best time to fix the cracks as they begin to form, as the heat helps with sealing and adhesion.

Possible signs of water damage

Cracks in the surface of flat concrete roof tops
Clogged gutters and downpipes
Blistering paint
Patches of changing colour to building surface
Mould and mildew
Clusters of cracks on the walls

Areas to keep a check on: 
The terrace in societies is often off-limits for most part of the year, and this is where a lot of damage can go unnoticed for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s the terrace that along with external walls, takes the most beating from the elements, especially water. Any water collection or the unnoticed clogging of rainwater pipes can become major causes of concern.

Brick bat coba, the conventional method of roof waterproofing, does not respond well to temperature changes, and yields over time. Dr. Fixit Roof seal, a water based product, with low VOC is a long-lasting solution that gives longevity to roof waterproofing.

External Walls
They are commonly vulnerable to cracks, which don’t just take away from the appearance of the building, but can eventually lead to water seepage in wall as well. Even the smallest cracks should be repaired and contained as soon as possible, as after absorbing moisture, they pose a threat to interior walls as well. As cracks too are subject to expansion and contraction with temperature variance, use Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree, to bridge cracks up to 10mm. It provides prolonged waterproofing to the surface in a single application, as it does not shrink after curing.

Structural Members
After a few years, most buildings start showing cracks between their structural members and walls. Do not wait to attend to these cracks, as they can weaken the very core of your building. The increasing instances of collapsing buildings have highlighted the importance keeping the building’s structural integrity in check. Regular inspection, along with quick correction with a crack sealant like Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree can help your society avoid a major structural problem.

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