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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing

Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security.

Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security. It allows us to celebrate and live our lives with a sense of belonging and ownership. However, the physical dwelling place comes with an added baggage of services and repairs that need to be done over a period of time. Some major and some minor but all need to be taken care of.

Major or minor, every repair costs money to the residents living in the society. Along with that comes the discomfort, time spent in the meeting, discussing and attending the repair. If the repair is successful in the first attempt then all is good. If not, it leads to more attempts and sometimes more problems. Not to mention the additional expense of the re-repair. Just like the increasing repair work for a vehicle with passing time, the repairs for your society building also increases with its age. However, as the golden saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’. A major part of building repair is needed to be done as a result of seepage or moisture buildup due to rains. A bit of planning and maintenance in advance can avert these repairs with major savings in the expenses.

Timely Maintenance: Easiest way to avoid repairs
A very simple way to prevent this kind of surprise repairs is to do an inspection of the property periodically, and do the waterproofing of the building wherever required. Summers are the best time to notice any kind of cracks and damages in the building as the heat of summer exposes all cracks. Also, it is a great time to fix the cracks and fix it using the right products as the sealing and adhesion take place better during summer.

Roof maintenance
The roof of the building is the first thing that comes in contact with rainwater. Also in societies, roof is not used very often so chances of negligence in cleaning are more. This may result in water accumulation and ultimately seepage. Also with the passage of time the concrete in slabs starts to expand and contract with temperature variations. This can cause cracks on the surfaces allowing water/moisture to seep in if the roof is not waterproofed properly.

To prevent such issues it is ideal to do a thorough waterproofing of the whole roof surface. The conventional ways of waterproofing are the brick bat coba. But even this being very rigid falls short against temperature variations and cracks up. The worse thing is that the presence of brick causes additional absorption of water through the cracks and finally seepage.

The expert solution for arresting such roof cracks would be Dr. Fixit Roof seal as it is water based with low VOC’s that is sustainable for years as a waterproofing coating.

Structural Members
Structural members like columns and beams are the backbone of a building. After a span of 2-3 years, many buildings start showing up cracks between their structural members or and walls. This is because both being different materials, expand and contract differently.

Such cracks need to be sealed. If not sealed properly, the water might get into the column/beam and weaken the steel reinforcements.

Of course, the repercussions of this won’t be immediate but on the long term, the health and condition of the building will be affected. The weakening of structural member can reduce the strength of the building and thus cause it to collapse. It also depends on the severity of the cracks through which the water enters. Taking in consideration, the safety of the building, its best to perform the regular inspection to look any such cracks and seal them with Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree.

On a first hand to prevent cracks, it is always advised to use Dr.Fixit LW+ integral waterproofing solution which enhances and modifies the properties of cement while constructing the new building.

External Wall
Cracks on the external wall of a building are a common sight and an eyesore as well. There can be many reasons for these cracks but, small or big, every crack needs to be taken care off. During rains, water enters through these cracks into the wall. If not fixed in time, they can spoil your home interiors. Small cracks should never be ignored as they have the capability to absorb moisture. Excessive moisture in the wall along with many small cracks can cause the plaster to fall off, thus creating a greater danger of damaging the interior walls and getting somebody injured as the plaster may fall off.

As seen in the image, a crack on the external side can gradually enter the inner face of the wall making it weak.

To repair plaster cracks it is advised to use Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree , one time shrink free filler. It can bridge cracks up to 10mm in a single application and does not shrink after curing.

Most water tanks in societies are made of concrete due to its long life and easy maintenance. However, concrete expands and shrinks with temperature variations resulting in cracks. These cracks can again cause algae growth around the tank which can become a health hazard. Also, the dampness makes the structure weak.

To counter cracks in water tanks, one can use Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2k which is a two component waterproof coating for overhead water tanks. It is a heavy duty waterproof coating which is safe for storing drinking water. Also, it has a life expectancy of 5 years.

This is how with proper planning and maintenance you can avoid repairs and increase the lifespan of your society building.