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2 Easy tip To Protect Your Building from Sun and Rain


2 Easy tip To Protect Your Building from Sun and Rain

The biggest enemies of happy homes are perhaps two factors on which we have absolutely no control. The first being rain and the second, harsh heat. We’ve begun to witness soaring temperatures from the beginning of March, and I wonder what mid- May might do to the exteriors of our home. Heavy rains will follow on close heels, making it all the more difficult for homeowners to save their homes from the wrath of seepage. If you want your home to be healthy, you must start with these procedures now!

#Tip1: Prevent

Harsh sunlight can cause buckling of asphalt shingles in unvented roofs. It can also fade your newly coloured exteriors and crack the walls. To battle harsh heat use heat reflective paint coatings. In addition, Dr. Fixit’s Heatshield which is a heat reducing & ‘Energy Saving’ elastomeric coating also helps immensely in saving your home/building from external weather conditions.

Building rooftops or exterior walls, Heatshield is a product to bank on. It helps in reducing power consumption substantially by reducing the load on air-conditioners & keeps the interiors cool with additional function of waterproofing as well. I am guessing just this one product will help you considerably to prevent the harshness of both heat and rain- that’s what we used while re-doing our 100 year old home in Kolkata.

How Does It Work?

I’ll tell you a bit about how it works. Dr. Fixit Heatshield contains advanced material of ‘Hollow Micro spheres which aids in remarkable ‘Heat Insulation’. The unique spherical shape of the glass bubble produces stable voids which results in low thermal conductivity and a low dielectric constant. When applied on substrate, the hollow micro spheres form a closely packed structure like ‘Air Space’ within the dry film layer that serves as insulation medium to resist heat transfer. Which means it creates a vacuum of sorts between your wall and the light source resulting in slow heat transfer! To top, it also re-radiates most of the solar heat back into the atmosphere, keeping your building as cool as ever. Very cool right?

#Tip2: Cure

However, if your society, building or home is already showing traces of cracks, you might want to use Dr.Fixit Crack X Shrinkfree which fills larger cracks on any plastered surface both internal and external. Because it does not shrink after curing, & bonds strongly to cementitious substrates, you can blindly use it to protect your home/building from rains as well.

Prevention is better than cure and it’s time you started to care for the bones of your home. For now, that is all from me. If you have used Dr.Fixit Heatshield or Crack X, tell us about your experiences so everyone can benefit!

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