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Playing with Colour - The rang barse wall protection from Dr. Fixit Raincoat - The Happy Homes

Splashes of water, colours whirling in the air, every shade you can imagine,

Splashes of water, colours whirling in the air, every shade you can imagine, screams of inebriated laughter – yes, Holi is here! How wonderful it would be if you could play without a care in the world, like Bollywood often shows us, without worrying if your walls will stain! Well, all this and more is possible, with Dr. Fixit’s Raincoat, a waterproof coating for your external walls.

What exactly is Dr. Fixit Raincoat?
Dr. Fixit Raincoat has an acrylic elastomeric coating which gives a thickness of 110 microns. It works harder than normal exterior paint to protect your walls. True to its name, it’s also a complete waterproofing solution for your exterior walls, without really compromising on aesthetics.


Important features
Fixit Raincoat is elastomeric and flexible, so these properties take care of not just thermal stresses on your walls, but also ugly hairline cracks that are so often seen on home and building exteriors.

In addition, because it is tough, it does not crack or peel like normal paints do.

It is applied without dilution, to achieve the necessary thickness specifications that it needs to protect your walls. So the ambiguity that comes into play during paint dilution is completely eliminated. This means the original quality is well-maintained on every application.

It is microbial and UV resistant, which means you do not have to worry about fungus or algae problems, and your paint lasts longer.

A colour and waterproofing solution rolled into one. After priming your walls, you can directly apply Dr.Fixit Raincoat, completely doing away with the need for separate coats of waterproofing and paint. It has a superior sheen, and matches the look of normal, high quality external paints.

Application guidelines
A deep and thorough surface preparation is a must. The surface must be clean and dry. New surfaces must have cured completely, while old surfaces will have to be repaired of old cracks and leaks, fungus and algae growths.

Next ensure that the surface is in SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) condition.

Apply Dr.Fixit PrimeSeal and ensure it is left to dry for 4-6 hours.

Finally apply 2 coats of Dr.Fixit Raincoat undiluted, with an approximate time interval of 7 hours.


700 + Shades to choose from
The technical superiority of Dr.Fixit Raincoat is further enhanced by the fact that it comes in more shades than your regular external paint catalogue shows you. Aesthetics is not compromised, and you can have that exact shade of flagstone grey or sunset yellow for your exterior walls. It is tough and pretty, and a comprehensive external wall colour and waterproofing solution.

A rang barse Holi is indeed possible, so go ahead, safe in the knowledge that your walls will not let you down!  Have a safe and happy Holi!