Why Waterproofing Is Essential During House Construction?

Ignoring waterproofing during new house construction? Think again!

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Ignoring waterproofing during new house construction? Think again!

Waterproofing during a new house construction prevents seepage, water leakage, and other water-related damages. Know the damaging consequences of neglecting it.

Been ignoring all the advice about waterproofing your house during the construction phase? Well, this small step can reduce the need for repairs for a long time to come. 

Waterproofing protects the house from water, heat, and weather transitions. This ensures a solid structure, undamaged aesthetics, and good health for your loved ones. Moreover, nobody wants to come home to mouldy walls, peeling plaster, seepage, and water leakage. Right?

Why your house needs waterproofing during construction 

The consequences of skipping waterproofing during house construction can be damaging. Here are some issues that might arise if you skip it during new house construction - 

1. Protects foundation walls

Waterproofing the foundation is only possible during construction. This step protects the internal walls from water infiltration and helps prevent any rising water dampness that can damage the walls.

2. Saves on repairs

Waterproofing from the get-go can save you from inevitable repairs related hassle.

3. Safeguards aesthetics

Post construction, the next obvious step is decorating the house. However, a cosy home can soon turn unpleasant without waterproofing. Water leakage and seepage can lead to damp patches, discolouration, peeling plaster, cracks, etc., ruining the aesthetics of your home.

4. Protects furniture

Water seepage from adjoining walls can damage fixtures and wooden furniture, causing swelling of wood, rusting of metal, rotting, etc.

5. Reduces health concerns

Damp walls or roofs often lead to the growth of mould and mildew, a type of fungi. These can cause allergies and respiratory issues for your family, especially children and senior citizens.

Pro tip - Water not only affects the house and its aesthetics but makes it harder to sell. And even when you do, you might have to sell it at a much lower price.

Solution - waterproofing. Whether it's during construction or even after that.

Act before it's too late – waterproof!

The above-mentioned consequences are serious and must not go unnoticed. Therefore, waterproof your home during construction and add a layer of security against water-related damages.

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