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Importance of Right Application in Construction Chemicals and it’s Current Challenges

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Importance of Right Application in Construction Chemicals and it’s Current Challenges

In specialized product systems & technologies most customers look for a ‘Complete Solution’ not just to buy a product. Thus, selection of a competent applicator and proper application are key to achieving the Goal of “Complete Solution”.

Most project specifications limit themselves on specific technical parameters, many times ending up over emphasizing on rather insignificant technical properties of the product, while ignoring to specify the all-important substrate prerequisites, correct application process & detailing information.

The route to reaching a ‘Complete Solution’ necessitates selection of a fit for purpose product and equally importantly selection of a competent specialist applicator who understands the Do’s and Don’ts of the product /technology selected and can ensure Right Application.

Suggestions on some important points to ensure, to enable ‘Right Application’ are: -

While the above points would create the framework for the Project Management team to monitor the application process, the all-important human element – availability of skilled personnel for the actual application & the competence of the Specialist Applicator’s supervision team needs to be assessed.

Herein lies the challenge, as the industry in India is moving towards adoption of newer global technologies, availability of sufficient well trained skilled workforce to properly execute such ‘new’ technologies is key to ‘Right Application’. Correct knowledge of all aspects right form storage of the product, handling, mixing, care to taken while laying/applying, subsequent layers, exposure limits etc. needs to be available with the field application team & implemented.

Hence, all product manufacturers & suppliers would do well to create a sufficient pool of trainers & field technical services team to continually develop & improve the skills of the workmen and support the on field application as and when required.

Many of today’s liquid applied technologies are mechanized in application. This poses a challenge regarding availability of economically priced reliable equipment , easy availability of spares and maintenance facilities . There is an opportunity for equipment manufacturers to create local production and servicing capability in India to enable wider adoption and correct equipment handling for obtaining desired results in the overall application process.

The construction industry also needs to recognize the need for waterproofing treatment to be protected from mechanical damages by other agencies and /or by the users during the application process or during the service life. Often challenges faced due to damages done to the waterproofing treatment remain undetected and unrepaired leading to difficulties during the service life. Many leakage /seepage issues can be avoided by simple precautions that can be take care of by the Main civil contractor and other agencies involved on site. Following the Do’s and Don’ts prescribed by the manufacturer and or the specialist applicator is of key importance.

Pidilite recognized the importance of ‘Right Application’ to enable achieving the ‘Complete Solution’ very early on & has put in the organisation framework through the Dr. Fixit Institute & it’s CSG team to provide the right support system to the Construction Industry for developing & training skilled specialist application teams Pan India.

With the capability of ‘Nina Percept’ as Pidilite’s in-house turnkey specialized application organization to execute waterproofing works on large & complex projects, as well as a growing team of ‘Partner Applicators’ Pan India, Pidilite has the requisite 360° capability of Right Product & Right Application in place to reliably offer customers the ‘Complete Solution’.

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