Wall Décor Ideas for the Festivities!

Wall Décor Ideas for the Festivities!

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Wall Décor Ideas for the Festivities!

Its festival season already and everyday seems like a holiday! Decorating for the season seems to be the order of the day.

Its festival season already and everyday seems like a holiday! Decorating for the season seems to be the order of the day. The walls seem to be the perfect place to start this transformation process. Spring-cleaning is of course part of it, but decorating the walls also plays a big a part. We have rounded up the top ideas for you to use to spruce up your walls and welcome the holidays.

Wall Art

Decorate with prints of Gods and Goddesses, they can be kitschy or like elegant Raja Ravi Varma prints. Thick frames in wood tones would look lovely. Create wall art with multiple prints in different sizes and shapes.

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Wallpaper & Decals 
We love wallpaper and Decals as DIY projects. There is so much you can do with these materials. With wallpaper you can make frames with printed-paper. Usually wallpaper stores have lots of pieces lying around which you can buy for cheap. Mix different bright prints and you will definitely feel festive ready. Decals come as ready packs, which you peel and stick directly onto the wall. They are easy to use and available in a number of shapes. The plus is that they can be peeled off at any time, and don’t pull the paint along with them. Great options for the festivals are diyas, motifs, sparklers or even light bulbs drops.

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Use paper bubbles and create a chain for bulbs that you can use to hang around the walls. These paper bubbles can be easily made at home using some paper and glue. Doily lights also look pretty. There is something very delicate and beautiful about doily lights. Light up your house by making beautiful scallops with these as you keep putting them around.

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Festive Card Ladder 
Make all the holiday cards and gifts this season part of your festive decor. Attach stringy cords in an X pattern to a painted ladder. Tuck the cards over or between the strings. Place the gifts on the steps randomly, so it looks cute and is accessible for everyone.

Décor Parade
Add festive flair to existing wall décor very easily and quickly. Find shapes you like in clip art, online or in colouring books. Trace the ornament shapes onto cardstock, felt, or foam board. Embellish each ornament with stripes or polka dots and glitter. Attach handmade ornaments to a silver cord (found at a local crafts store) and hang from a mirror.

Paints and Textures
There are many beautiful colours and textures available in the market. You can go for any of them to decorate your walls as per your likes. Paint stencils are also incredibly popular and pretty reasonable. All you have to do is choose the stencil, the colours are then customized as per the palette chosen by you.

Dr Fixit Crack X Shrinkfree canbe used to repair any cracks and holes in the wall. This will prevent the wall from crumbling and ensure that your hanging decor stays securely in place.