Transform Your Balcony Garden for Festivals

Spruce up your Balcony Garden During Festivals

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Spruce up your Balcony Garden During Festivals

A balcony can be a beautiful extension of your living area, and especially during the festive season when every bit of space matters

A balcony can be a beautiful extension of your living area, and especially during the festive season when every bit of space matters, it can be a vital addition to your home. Gatherings of family and friends are more common during the holiday season and it can be a boon to have this extra space. During this time, having a balcony garden can be such a blessing for multiple reasons. If it is a large enough balcony, it can be a separate area for entertaining, allowing guests more space to move around and also enjoy the fresh air. 
There are various ways in which you can spruce up your balconies during the festive season to add continuity to your living and dining room décor or to create a distinct area with festive décor. 

Aromatic plants
One of the things that you must do if you have a balcony garden irrespective of the season is to grow aromatic plants, which spread its delicate fragrance into the air. Fragrant flowers and leaves are an absolute delight for any indoor garden, and even if you have just a few potted plants, you must include a couple of aromatic plants. The delightful aroma will set the stage for any festive occasion.

Light it up
Lighting plays a huge role in setting the stage, so to speak; essentially it creates the right mood and ambience. So if you are planning to have a party and have guests coming over, consider adding lights to your balcony garden as well. Fairy lights are a great way to emphasize festivities and also enhance the décor. Combine these with additional LED lamps suspended from the ceiling. You can choose coloured bulbs for a more celebratory feel. Handmade paper and fabric lanterns can also be hung from the ceiling, and wherever else possible for a more decorative outcome.

In keeping with the festive season, opt for a brighter décor in terms of rugs and throw pillows. Make sure you have a good seating arrangement which is comfortable and chic. The last thing you want is for your guests to be perched on uncomfortable stools and plastic chairs. Floor seating also works well as long as it is comfortable. Make arrangements for tables for food and drinks.

If you have the space, create a corner with landscaping elements to display your garden. Place stone or ceramic artefacts, a small water body, and colourful flowers for a soothing and relaxing environment.

Colour the wall
Add a fresh coat of paint on the balcony walls. Display folk art or use colour blocking for a dramatic effect. You may not want to display very expensive artworks in the balcony as the levels of moisture and sunlight are much higher here.

Set the stage
You can use fabric lengths to fashion canopies which make the space more intimate and ideal for dinner gatherings. 
Transform your balcony garden for the festivals and enjoy the occasion with your family and friends.


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