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Dr. Fixit Tile Grout Bathroom Waterproofing Product

Dr. Fixit Tile Grout

Bathroom Waterproofing


Features & Benefits:

  • Aesthetics – Available in two shades
  • Easy to use – Easily to mix with water and forms soft consistency paste which is easy to fill the joints
  • Shrinkage & cracking - Avoids cracks formation in the joints and also there is negligible shrinkage
  • Service Temperature - Specially formulated for temperature range of 5 – 120°C
  • Water resistant – Excellent water-resistance making it beneficial for application in areas immersed under water
  • Durability & UV resistant - Excellent UV resistance & durability enables the product use for exterior application
  • High Strength & abrasion resistant – High strength & abrasion resistance properties makes it suitable for  grouting of toilets & bathrooms