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Pitched sloping roof

Why flat roof with screed waterproofing for new professionals is so essential? Apparently, it is necessary to keep your home leak-free. Dr. Fixit Newcoat is a heavy-duty, fibre-reinforced waterproof coating for pitched roofs

  • Reinforced with micro-fibers to ensure longer life
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ability to bridge cracks up to 2mm

  • Reinforced with micro-fibres to ensure longer life
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ability to bridge cracks upto 2mm

Method Statement


Clean the surface thoroughly to get rid of all contaminants. Remove all surface imperfections and repair with polymer modified mortar using Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP.


Prime the surface using Dr. Fixit Primeseal. Allow the primer to dry before applying Dr. Fixit Newcoat.


Apply the first coat of Dr. Fixit Newcoat and while it is still wet, lay an ‘open-woven’ glass fibre mesh.

  • Immediately, apply the second coat of Dr. Fixit Newcoat. Allow this to dry completely.
  • Fix the wooden battens by drilling and use steel screws for fixing so as to avoid rusting. After drilling holes and before fixing the screws, fix Dr. Fixit Bathseal Tape on the bottom as well as top sides of the batten. This will ensure a perfect seal around the screwed area.
  • Apply the third coat of Dr. Fixit Newcoat all over the area covering the wooden batten.

Technical data Sheet

Dr. Fixit Newcoat


Q. What is the difference between the normal acrylic coatings and Dr. Fixit Newcoat?

A. Dr. Fixit Newcoat is reinforced with microfibers and its three dimension structure makes it very tough and provides abrasion resistance. This new professionals waterproofing pitched sloping can withstand any normal foot traffic unlike ordinary acrylic coatings.

Q. Can Dr. Fixit Newcoat be equally effective on moving cracks and can it be applied over construction joints?

A. DF Newcoat is most effective on static cracks and for treating the moving cracks it is recommended that geo-fabric or polyester glass fiber sheets for additional reinforcement and strengthening must be used. Construction joints shall be treated by using PU, acrylic or polysulphide sealants and not by DF Newcoat.

Q. Can Dr. Fixit Newcoat be effective on all types of damaged terrace slabs?

A. Dr. Fixit Newcoat can be effective on any concrete surface, but within its limitations. When it comes to pitched sloping roof waterproofing for new professionals, you need something strong. The newcoat cannot be applied on structurally damaged surface. The damage should be assessed properly and necessary repairs need to be carried out properly with the advice from Structural Consultant. The larger and moving cracks cannot be treated alone with DF Newcoat without any repairs. Unsound and hollow substrate cannot be treated with DF Newcoat.

Q. Suppose the coat of Dr.Fixit Newcoat gets damaged in some areas.,will we have to re-do the entire waterproofing?

A. A major advantage of Dr.Fixit Newcoat is that it can simply be over-coated on the old membrane. Therefore, if during its service life any damage is observed simply overcoat on the damaged area

Q. What is the service life of Dr.Fixit Newcoat?

A. If applied properly, Dr.Fixit Newcoat has a long service life of 7 to 10 years. It serves as the best pitched sloping roof waterproofing for new professionals.