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Concrete repair

Systematic approach to concrete repair Reinforcement coating prevents corrosion of steel. Recoat repaired area with Dr. Fixit Raincoat, to prevent carbonation.

Method Statement


  • Mark out the area to be taken up for concrete repair and mechanically cut to a depth into the concrete well behind the rebars so that the microconcrete can be placed effectively over a treatment with the suitable bonding agent.
  • Cutting should be perfectly done in a geometric shape. The depth of cutting and removal will be done to the extent as indicated by repair experts. Feather edges must be avoided so that the bond of the new repair mortar and the host concrete becomes monolithic.
  • clean the cut portions with a pressurized air jet or a jet of clean water, or any suitable means.
  • Coat the steel reinforcement bars with a single component Dr. Fixit Epoxy Zinc Primer as cathodic protection.
  • Use Dr. Fixit Epoxy Bonding Agent for an area over 10 sq. ft. of concrete repair in the underside of slab or repair of the RCC wall.
  • For other general repairs, use Dr. Fixit Pidicrete MPB, an acrylic bonding agent, by applying it neatly over a prewetted surface.
  • After this dries, the cut area can be applied with Dr. Fixit Micro Concrete or Dr. Fixit Repair Mortar.
  • After the repair mortar sets, apply Dr. Fixit Raincoat any choice of colour as a waterproofing and anticarbonation protective coating. 
  • Each step as indicated should be applied in accordance with the details mentioned in the respective technical data sheets. Dr. Fixit Raincoatis a highly elastomeric waterproof coating for external walls, and also an effective anticarb coating against atmospheric pollution. It can be applied in any colour, just like any other external paint. Concrete degradation may have various causes like aggregate expansion, sea water effects, bacterial corrosion, carbonation, etc. The corrosion of rebars induce mechanical stress that can cause cracks and disrupt the concrete structure resulting in spalling.