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Dr. Fixit PU Plain Injection

Dr. Fixit PU Plain Injection is based on hydroxyl terminated hydrophobic polyol & iso cyanate terminated hardener. It is used for sealing & filling of dry, damp or water bearing cracks. It serves as horizontal water stop against capillary rising moisture in brickwork, stone work, etc. It has low viscosity, high penetration, quick setting and forms tough & flexible polyurethane rubber after complete chemical reaction.

Areas of Application :

  • Sealing of concrete construction joints, hairline & wider cracks by injection grouting
  • Sealing of brick construction cracks
  • Injection grouting of drinking water reservoir & dams
  • Sewers & waste water effluent tanks grouting
  • Grouting in tunnels
  • Suitable for injection in to wet & dry concrete structures
  • Grouting of manholes & utility boxes
  • As backup injection to Dr. Fixit PU Foam Injection under pressure

Features and Benefits

  • Consistency – Very low viscosity benefits in high fluidity & penetration
  • Stability – After curing, it forms inert and stable polyurethane rubber
  • Compatibility – It is not compatible with water hence injection grouting is possible in presence of water in the substrate
  • Curing – Cures in ambient temperature in air as well as in presence of water
  • Toughness & flexibility – After curing it provides tough & elastic properties of PU
  • Bonding – Bonds strongly to brick, stone & cementitious substrate in air & to wet surfaces
  • Non-toxic – It is certified for drinking water contact

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