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Dr. Fixit Solyseal

Cold applied elastomeric bituminous waterproof coating for foundation & basements

It is based on bituminous emulsion, polymer, and additives in water as a medium. it is a highly viscous dark brown coloured paste used for waterproofing of above ground & below ground concrete structures.

Benefits :

  • High film build up provides excellent water resistance
  • Excellent flexible properties can easily accommodate all normal building movements.
  • Can be applied to complex shapes to form a seamless and highly durable water proofing membrane
  • Provides effective protection against alcohol, salt solution, and mild acid / alkali
  • Adheres firmly to most of building surfaces including concrete, felt, brick, metal, etc. both horizontal or vertical surfaces

Coverage :

3 - 3.5 sq.mtr/litre for 2 coats
Packaging Units:
5,  20,  35,  200

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