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Dr. Fixit Fastflex

High performance Polymer modified Cementitious Coating for Swimming Pools and water bodies

It is suitable for achieving waterproofing for the water retaining structures such as swimming pools, water tanks, reservoirs, other wet areas, etc, because it provides strong bonding, good waterproofing and excellent resistant to hydrostatic water pressure by forming highly elastic seamless coating.

Benefits :

  • Tough film build-up provides excellent waterproofing
  • Highly elastic film formation which accommodates thermal movements.
  • Withstand 10 m hydrostatic pressure without any leakages.
  • Forms seamless coating without any joints, prevents water leakage


Easily applied by brush, roller or spray

Coverage :

Approximately 0.5 - 0.55 sq.m2 in 2 coats at 1.2 - 1.5 mm DFT.

*Coverage may vary depending upon the nature and texture of the substrate
Packaging Units (WEIGHT IN KG)
12 kg (7 kg powder + 5 kg polymer)

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