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Dr. Fixit Torchshield

APP/ SBS modified bitumen based membranes for waterproofing of roofs & basements

Recommended for waterproofing of building roofs of all types, basement, foundations and water retaining structures like swimming pools and for bridges & tunnels. Highly suitable for both existing as well as new roofs.

Benefits :

  • Self-finished membrane provides joint less monolithic surface provides an excellent watertight solution
  • High tensile strength, tear & puncture resistance properties make it highly flexible & durable
  • It is an impermeable membrane with less water absorption properties, hence protects the structure from weathering
  • Withstands thermal & structural stresses effectively without any fatigue, improves performance
  • Note: For roofs subject to foot traffic, need concrete screed or tiling overlay. For roofs not subject to foot traffic, needs to be coated with aluminium paint for protection against UV attack.

Packaging Units :

Range of 2, 3 & 4 mm membranes in Polyester or fibre glass base in 1 mtr X 10 mtr roll sizes.

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