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Dr. Fixit Raincoat COOOL

Solar reflective exterior waterproof coating

Features and Benefits

  • Solar Reflective: Reradiates most of solar heat back into atmosphere, thus lowers the surface temperature.
  • Solar Reflective Index SRI : 110
  • Complies to Singapore Std SS500: 2002, Specification for Elastomeric wall coating
  • Complies to GS 11 VOC standard
  • Durability: Provides long time protection to building that are endangered due to thermal degradation
  • Waterproofing: Excellent waterproofing increases the durability of structure
  • Shades: Available in wide range of pastel shades
  • Elastomeric: High elasticity withstand stress caused by thermal expansion & contraction.
  • Microbial resistance: Resistance to fungus and algae growth, hence maintains the aesthetic of buildings.
  • Eco friendly: Non Toxic water based system
  • Energy Saving: Low heat transfer into building hence reduction in electrical consumption
  • Ready to use: No dilution is required.
  • Substrate temperature reduction up to 8ºC.