Ways Water Destroys Homes and Buildings

Having a beautiful home is not enough, it requires a lot of effort to nurture it and take care of it, so that it remains in its best condition for years to come. Unfortunately, weather elements, especially rainwater can cause damage to homes and buildings over a period of time. Inevitably, there is wear and tear that happens and the structure of the building may get affected. The interiors of buildings too may get affected and result in damage to possessions. Water can cause much harm to houses and buildings, especially when the construction is not protected or poorly maintained adequately against the onslaught of water.

Causes of water damage

There can be several ways in which water can destroy property and belongings. Right from leakage in the roof, cracks in the wall, plumbing issues and cracks in the foundation, there are various ways in which water can enter your premises and caused damage. In fact, heavy rain and flooding can be very destructive and cause damage running into thousands of rupees worth of repairs. However, sometimes flooding in basements and damage to the foundation may result in structural damage which might be difficult to repair and may necessitate rebuilding.

Apart from the structural damage, increase in moisture levels inside buildings also raises the risk of health issues such as allergy and respiratory problems, especially in children and the elderly.

Areas susceptible to water damage

When we think of water damage, the first place that comes to mind is the roof; however the walls, basement, bathrooms, kitchen and the foundation are all areas which can have a problem with leakage of water and cause damage to the house.

water damage-water-leakage
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Blocked drains and pipes can lead to leakage and an overflow of water. In case you have a terrace garden, then it is important to ensure that sufficient waterproofing has been done and also that water does not tend to collect in places.

Broken water pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms can also result in water seepage and lead to damage. Cracks in the plaster on your walls can cause moisture and water to seep in and lead to damp spots, growth of mould and harm interiors, as well as affect the health of the residents.

Broken tiles in the bathroom can cause water to collect and result in further damage. If the shades on balconies and windows are insufficient in protecting the area from rainwater, water can collect and damage your interiors and valuable possessions.

In fact, if there are places in the basement where the water tends to collect, perhaps due to the slope which is angled towards the property, this can also cause leaks and damage, if not addressed.

These are some of the areas which are more likely to be affected due to water and therefore care must be taken to ensure that all necessary and precautionary steps are taken to safeguard your home from water damage.

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