Ways Mosaic Tiles Will Make Your Small Bath Look Big

Small bathrooms are a fact of life for many homeowners. And it’s always a challenge to make such rooms appear bigger and brighter. The versatile mosaic tiles are an unusual but attractive solution to this common problem. Mosaic tile is often used in interior decoration or even wall and floor art, and offer endless possibilities for adding an illusion of space in your tiny bathroom. Mosaics can be used to cover horizontal or vertical surface, while adding style and personality to your bath. Use your small bathroom as a canvas to experiment with different mosaic colours, patterns and materials. Even in the smallest bathrooms, these tiles can be used in creative ways to create a custom look.

Create An Accent Wall

Accent walls are not limited to paint and wallpaper. In fact, colourful mosaic tiles are a unique way to brighten up your small bath. Since a tiny bathroom won’t have a lot of wall space to work with, a mosaic accent wall will bring in a spot of fancy without being a bit strain on your wallet. Just add some mirrors, get in some natural light, and your room will appear much larger than it actually is.

Build a Border or a Backsplash

small bathroom

A border or a backsplash can be used to add some much required drama in a small bath. Mosaic tiles come in handy while bringing in style and an element of surprise to your room. The eye follows the design, traveling from one element to another, focusing on the aesthetic, rather than the size of the bathroom. You can also fill the blank space between your sink and mirror with mosaic tile.

Install Patterns Vertically

A low ceiling can be given an illusion of being higher by stacking thin, rectangular mosaic tiles in a vertical manner. A vertical tile pattern emphasizes the height of a space instead of the width, drawing the eye upward.

Use Large Patterns

In a humid room like a bathroom, mosaic tile walls can give the appeal of wallpaper-like luxury without the hefty cost. Large patterns in a small bathroom can be successfully used to create a continuous design and visual intrigue. Large tile patterns in a small space make it appear larger with less distinguished grout joints, therefore reducing the lines that appear to the eye. In fact, using large patterns in a small space is a tried and tested trick in home interior decoration. Large patterns keep the eyes moving, creating a feeling of a larger space.

Use Mirrored or Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Mirrored or glass tiles are yet another potent tool for making your small bathroom look larger. Their reflective properties will put a spotlight on all the core features of your small bath. Paired with white accents and large tile floors, these tiles can create the ultimate small bath transformation.

Try A Tiled Rug

Create an island of vibrance in your small bathroom by installing a tiled rug. Small stone mosaic tesserae can create a woven textile feel, creating a stunning yet practical tiled “rug”, helping you create a sturdier alternative to the traditional bath rugs in a bathroom where space is a premium. This unique feature can also be used under a free-standing bathtub to create a beautiful visual anchor for the bath.

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