Types of tiling solutions and their advantages – tiling adhesives, grouts and maintenance care

Tiles as a functional and decorative surface is a common sight observed in homes, offices and other buildings. With multiple innovations in tiles, in terms of the material, design, sizes and versatility, tiles find numerous applications on various surfaces such as walls, floors and even ceilings. As tiles are easy to clean and maintain, they help ensure hygiene, waterproofing and better aesthetics.

In general, tiles are extremely durable and easy to maintain, but they can look ugly and dated, or their edges can crack if they are not fixed properly to the substrate. Therefore along with great looking and designer tiles, what you also need is quality products that will help in fixing the tiles to the required surface to enhance the aesthetics and offer you long-term tiling solutions.

Essentially, tile fixers, adhesives and grouts are responsible for the overall look that your tiled walls or other surfaces achieves. If tiles are not bonded properly, their edges can crack and chip, and eventually lead to weak tiles that break easily.






Flooring, especially in heavy traffic areas needs extra attention because of the continuous load that increases its wear and tear. In addition stains, cracks, tile sagging, yellowing tiles and wear and tear of the tile joints are common problems in areas such as the kitchen floor tiles and bathrooms. Ordinary cement should not be used to fix tiles, since it has issues with shrinkage and rigidity, which ultimately affects the life of your tiles. Again, breakage of tiles is another issue that most of us have to deal with. The solution then is to use high quality and specially formulated products that address these concerns and offer you great finish combined with longevity.

Roff offers a wide range of special adhesives, developed with years of research, which help tackle these problems. These products have been developed, keeping in mind the rapidly changing trends and needs of the aware consumer and requirements of modern construction. The Roff range will help you in the installation and also the protection of floor tiles.

Now, tiles and stone are also often used on the exteriors to protect against climatic changes, and Roff offers a wide range of products designed to withstand such heavy-duty applications as well.


Similarly, growth of mould and fungus are common in wet areas and Roff products such as the Roff Rainbow Tile Mate (RTM) Epoxy is a three-component epoxy tile grout, which does not absorb water, thus preventing fungal growth, and it is bacteria-resistant, too.

It is important to use the right type of grout with the correct ancillary products; in fact, not using grout will cause the edges of tiles to crack and chip, eventually leading to weak tiles that can break easily. Also, using the ‘Tile and Grout Matcher’ feature, you can check which grout matches and complements your tiles and surfaces the best to avoid any visible difference in the surface.

Now that you know how to have perfectly tiled surfaces, it is also important to keep them clean and sparkling. Roff Cera Clean is a modified cleaner for ceramic and vitrified tiles, which has an adequate concentration of acid with detergent properties, and this ensures that the stains are removed, without harming the tiles.
To have a beautiful home, you need to have the right solutions at hand that can help you create and maintain its beauty and elegance.

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