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How to choose the perfect tile for your kitchen

tile for your kitchen

Memories of food are nostalgic, and it binds a family like no other. The evenings spent whipping up my trademark brownie with my ten-year-old while the heady smell of dark chocolate engulfs the whole house is one memory that I will cherish forever. So, if you love to cook, nothing gets more personal than the kitchen in a house. And ...

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Home Improvement: Selecting Proper Flooring

Home Improvement

A perfect floor can beautifully offset your furniture, accessories and even walls. Right from colours, materials, patterns, textures and durability, selecting the right flooring is also linked to the functionality of the space. You should always select the flooring based on: How much traffic will be there in that area? What about food and liquid spillage? Is it in a ...

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Clean Happy Walls with Dr. Fixit

the-happy-homes-wall dr.fixit

Damp patches on walls? Layers of paint flaking? Fungus like spots on the ceiling? Powdery mildew on walls? It’s a sign your house is vying for your undivided attention; it’s time to put your blinkers on. Every once in a while we wake up to the news of a building crumbling down or walls crashing down. Age of the building ...

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Common Tile Problems and Solutions for them


I remember reading this one-liner that most homeowners will relate to – “Why can’t my home clean itself? It seems to get dirty on its own!” What is it about homes that as soon as you are done addressing an issue in one part, another part starts demanding some sort of maintenance? Wouldn’t it be nice if once cleaned, scrubbed, ...

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Resolutions To Keep Your Home Happy And Healthy In The New Year


Just before 2016 ended, I read a significant number of articles that this New Year is going to be all about reconnecting with the most important aspects of our well-being – Health and Happiness. We are finally ready to embrace what truly matters. Families are reading the food labels carefully, clutter is being busted in homes and our lives, and ...

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Give Your Home A Mini Makeover With Colourful Tiles


We all want our home to be a beautiful abode filled with warmth and comfort; a unique space with a timeless look. An extensive remodeling is often on our minds, but an elaborate overhaul can be a daunting task. But with a little planning, and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can achieve a stunning mini-makeover for your ideal home, with just ...

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Hygienic and easy to maintain: The new-age flooring solutions


Cleaning and maintaining the health of your house floorings can be one of the most stressful household chore. And, some may even identify themselves as the pitiful Cinderella, who was meant to wipe, scrub and swap the floor as a way of punishment by her evil twin sisters. Well, snap out of it now! The good news is that we ...

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Tips for Choosing Grouts


When a tiling job is undertaken, choosing the right tile takes up far too much time and effort, while choosing the grout is a decision left to the contractor. However, choosing the right grout requires some serious thought too. The quality of your tiling in fact, depends a great deal on the kind of grout you choose. Grout is the ...

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Secrets to a Beautiful Bathroom!


Doing up your bathroom is important, but how to make it truly beautiful requires a lot more care and importance to details. A bathroom has a lot of power over the look and feel of the rest of the home. We’re sure many of you have walked into a bathroom and felt how it can change your entire mood or ...

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How to Up the Festive Quotient of your Tiles


When festivities are in the air, why should our kitchens, bathrooms and other tiled areas be left unadorned? Adding a festive touch to these spaces enhances the air of celebration and fun! Here are a few easy ways to up the festive quotient of your tiles. Colour plain tiles with ceramic pens Identify a horizontal line of tiling at eye-level, ...

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