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Decorate and Protect Your Home On Holi


Holi was my favourite festival as a child. And that was because of all the colours, the water guns, the food the music, and all that dancing. We ran in and out of the house, never once giving a thought to all the colours spilled on the floor, on the furniture, sprayed on the walls, and splattered on the doors. My mother spent several days ...

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Impact of leakages on the health of a family


There is something about a fresh, airy, clean home that radiates volumes! Whether your home is minimalistic, luxuriously baroque, contemporary, or traditional; whether it’s an old city bungalow or a busy street apartment; a vintage red-oxide floored abode or a wonderfully kitschy little flat in the sub-urban areas – the words ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ give out a certain positive vibe ...

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Give your home Exquisite Exteriors

home exterior-exterior design-house exterior

The shape and outer view of your home are defined by your exterior walls. Structurally, exterior walls support the walls, roof and floors of your home. They also protect your home and family from weather extremities. The function of your exterior walls is to insulate, shed water, repel moisture and air infiltration. Let’s learn more about how you can maintain ...

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How to Maintain your Exterior Cladding


Exterior Building in India usually look worn out and dull. If we maintained it on a regular basis, then the dire overhaul to the exterior would not be required. It’s vital you carry out critical maintenance tasks, or the crisp, modern look of your home could be spoiled. Worse still, without maintenance, cladding can deteriorate to the point it creates ...

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Home renovation mistakes that can ruin festivities


Festivals offer a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends, but, before that happens and you swing into a celebratory mode, remember that it is a good time to spring clean the house, discard old and unwanted objects, and renovate and paint the house. You can also take stock of all the repair and renovation work that is required ...

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Waterproofing Solutions For Every Budget


With the festive season now in full swing, we homeowners are doing double duty to make our houses look beautiful and welcoming. But an attractive home is a lot more than walls painted in stunning colours. There are secret foes of long lasting beauty that could very well be creeping towards the surface of your walls even as you read ...

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Tips to take care of your kitchen countertops during festive preparations


No Indian festivity is complete without an elaborate and lavish meal, prepared with great care and affection. You will find most of the members of a family working in tandem to put together a traditional meal, which can then be enjoyed along with extended families, relatives and friends. The downside of this is that the kitchen is in use most ...

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7 Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Need To Check Out


When it comes to decorating the most personal space in our homes, one needs to be both specific and careful. After all, our bedroom is where we spend most of our time chilling, relaxing and getting some much-required siesta. So it is about time we keep up with the worldwide trends and get to know about easy DIY tips and ...

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Decorating the Bathroom


There’s more to ideal bathrooms than the perfect plumbing and fixtures. Beautifying our bath spaces is now as important as doing up the rest of the interiors. And with good reason too. A washroom that is aesthetically pleasing can do much to help us start the day well; when guests are over, it is important that our washrooms are decorated ...

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Decorating Special – Decorating With Tiles in the Living Room


Decorating a home is an exciting process and whether you are a novice or an experienced interior designer, working on your own home is much more rewarding. Having said that, while embarking on a decorating project it is better to break it up into smaller segments so that the task at hand does not appear too daunting. Walls, flooring, furniture, ...

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