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Impact of leakages on the health of a family


There is something about a fresh, airy, clean home that radiates volumes! Whether your home is minimalistic, luxuriously baroque, contemporary, or traditional; whether it’s an old city bungalow or a busy street apartment; a vintage red-oxide floored abode or a wonderfully kitschy little flat in the sub-urban areas – the words ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ give out a certain positive vibe ...

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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing


Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security. It allows us to celebrate and live our lives with a sense of belonging and ownership. However, the physical dwelling place comes with an added baggage of services and repairs that need to be done over a period of time. ...

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Water tank Waterproofing: What you should know!


Water tanks in large complexes and even in small homes, are usually placed underground or overhead. Therefore there is always, a chance that water may seep through the common joints between the house and the tank; especially if the tank is badly constructed, or simply not waterproofed. This is a huge risk because leakage and seepage can damage your internal ...

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Freedom from Dampness

Happy Homes: Freedom from Dampness

It’s India’s Independence week; and every August, this time of the year, freedom is the buzz word in our media networks, social media and institutions. But are we really free? Yes and no. Apart from the raging social and economic problems we are struggling to untangle, everyday problems like the dampness and mold in our homes are something that we ...

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Freedom from Dampness: Invest in a Healthy and Happy Home

Damp free happy home

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” ―Maya Angelou As we gear up to celebrate our 70th Independence Day, it calls for a moment to take pride in our freedom and be grateful for it. At the same time, we must remember that with ...

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Don’t let Rains Turn Your House into a Breeding Ground for Pesky Pests


It is a delight to finally have the rains here, the smell of fresh earth and to watch the children play in puddles is highly de-stressing. Despite the much needed rainfall, there are a host of other issues that come to the fore when it rains incessantly. Right from damp spots, seepage, growth of mould and pest infestation, the list ...

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Areas Most Prone To Seepage and Leakage during Monsoon

Roff_ Header

Ah, now who doesn’t love a splash of the quick shower after the parched months of April and May! What a relief to see everything bloom and clean and green again. But your home might not echo the same sentiment. With the onset of monsoon- and if you have not waterproofed your home- its aftermath is seen as much inside houses ...

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2 Easy tip To Protect Your Building from Sun and Rain

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The biggest enemies of happy homes are perhaps two factors on which we have absolutely no control. The first being rain and the second, harsh heat. We’ve begun to witness soaring temperatures from the beginning of March, and I wonder what mid- May might do to the exteriors of our home. Heavy rains will follow on close heels, making it ...

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Health Implications of Dampness in Your Home


Recently, Chennai reeled under the effects of unprecedented heavy rains and subsequent floods, and as a result caused loss of lives, damage to property as well as posed several health risks for its residents. As the city comes to terms with the unprecedented scale of disaster and attempts to rebuild homes, it raises many questions regarding our preparedness for natural ...

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