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Common Tile Problems and Solutions for them


I remember reading this one-liner that most homeowners will relate to – “Why can’t my home clean itself? It seems to get dirty on its own!” What is it about homes that as soon as you are done addressing an issue in one part, another part starts demanding some sort of maintenance? Wouldn’t it be nice if once cleaned, scrubbed, ...

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Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts


Before we look further into the causes and cures of cracking grouts, it is important to understand what is grout and where is it used. Grout is a viscous form of concrete which is used to seal gaps and joints such as those between tiles and stones. It generally forms a waterproof seal while ensuring that the edges of the ...

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The Significance of Grouting in the Kitchen


The kitchen is one place in the house that can have several different types of tiles, all with different applications. Together they come together to add a beautiful touch to the kitchen. When choosing kitchen tiles for our home we spend hours and even days finalising the tiles. We consider where they are going to be fixed, the material of ...

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Tips to take care of your kitchen countertops during festive preparations


No Indian festivity is complete without an elaborate and lavish meal, prepared with great care and affection. You will find most of the members of a family working in tandem to put together a traditional meal, which can then be enjoyed along with extended families, relatives and friends. The downside of this is that the kitchen is in use most ...

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Protect Your Tiles From Heavy Monsoon Showers


Songs have been sung. Poems have been written. Whenever it hasn’t arrived on time, prayers have been said. Monsoon is a season everyone awaits and welcomes with a smile. But like every blessing, it comes with its fine prints, and many water ravaged homes stand mutely as a testimony to what Monsoon can do to an unprepared, unprotected house. Thankfully, ...

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Home Keeping Tips for Monsoon


With the advent of rain, increased dampness, wet floors, mud marks and soiled rugs and carpets become difficult to manage, making home keeping more involved. One of the first things that one should do once rain sets in is to roll up all expensive carpets and keep them away. Wet shoes, dripping umbrellas and high humidity can soil carpets and ...

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Things To Consider Before Tiling Your Bathroom

Every home must have bathrooms that are welcoming, comfortable, and attractive. But while we all want to make our bathrooms as beautiful as possible, sometimes we don’t know where to start. Bathroom renovations are both exciting and challenging. I have always maintained that a bathroom is one of the most used areas in a house, and must always be a ...

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Health Implications of Dampness in Your Home


Recently, Chennai reeled under the effects of unprecedented heavy rains and subsequent floods, and as a result caused loss of lives, damage to property as well as posed several health risks for its residents. As the city comes to terms with the unprecedented scale of disaster and attempts to rebuild homes, it raises many questions regarding our preparedness for natural ...

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Is Your Home Healthy? Check out the Healthy Home Calculator


It is a beautiful feeling to own a home, but remember it is equally important to take care of it in order to extend its life. It is also wonderful to present an excellently preserved and well-maintained home at all times. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we tend to neglect the maintenance of our ...

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