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Impact of leakages on the health of a family


There is something about a fresh, airy, clean home that radiates volumes! Whether your home is minimalistic, luxuriously baroque, contemporary, or traditional; whether it’s an old city bungalow or a busy street apartment; a vintage red-oxide floored abode or a wonderfully kitschy little flat in the sub-urban areas – the words ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ give out a certain positive vibe ...

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Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit


As we march towards Independence Day, I am reminded of my school days when I had the responsibility of waking up the neighbors for the flag hoisting ceremony in our locality. A duty I performed with great pride and enthusiasm. Such is the spirit of Independence Day. While we are a proud and independent nation, I wish we were truly ...

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Protect Your Tiles From Heavy Monsoon Showers


Songs have been sung. Poems have been written. Whenever it hasn’t arrived on time, prayers have been said. Monsoon is a season everyone awaits and welcomes with a smile. But like every blessing, it comes with its fine prints, and many water ravaged homes stand mutely as a testimony to what Monsoon can do to an unprepared, unprotected house. Thankfully, ...

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Home Keeping Tips for Monsoon


With the advent of rain, increased dampness, wet floors, mud marks and soiled rugs and carpets become difficult to manage, making home keeping more involved. One of the first things that one should do once rain sets in is to roll up all expensive carpets and keep them away. Wet shoes, dripping umbrellas and high humidity can soil carpets and ...

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How to care for your Marble Floors during Monsoon


The monsoon brings with it a fresh, washed feel, but it is not really the best time of the year for your flooring, particularly your marble floors. The reason is, rainwater is slightly acidic in nature, and this acid content is likely to cause ugly discoloration to your marble floors. But before you start second guessing your choice of marble ...

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Monsoon Calls for the Green to be In!


It’s raining outside as I write this blog, and when I look out of my window I see an endless expanse of beautiful green foliage. But I know most homes don’t smell and feel too fresh in the monsoons. But here’s a change of perspective because the monsoon is my favourite season to stay indoors. Yes, my home smells fresh ...

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Areas Most Prone To Seepage and Leakage during Monsoon

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Ah, now who doesn’t love a splash of the quick shower after the parched months of April and May! What a relief to see everything bloom and clean and green again. But your home might not echo the same sentiment. With the onset of monsoon- and if you have not waterproofed your home- its aftermath is seen as much inside houses ...

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Things To Consider Before Tiling Your Bathroom

Every home must have bathrooms that are welcoming, comfortable, and attractive. But while we all want to make our bathrooms as beautiful as possible, sometimes we don’t know where to start. Bathroom renovations are both exciting and challenging. I have always maintained that a bathroom is one of the most used areas in a house, and must always be a ...

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Waterproofing Tips For Your Homes


The joy of Monsoons finally arriving after a long wait is irreplaceable. But it also brings along a few common problems that cannot be ignored. One of the main concerns during Monsoons is that of leakage and every one of us has faced this issue in our homes at some point or the other. Be it Monsoon or any other ...

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Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon

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When you visit someone’s home, you form an impression about how the interiors might look just by looking at the exterior walls. With the monsoon just around the corner, it’s essential to take protective measures in order to ensure safety of your home. Let’s explore some of the reasons why your exterior walls need to be taken care of before ...

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