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Solutions to not so common tile problems

Simpolo India morbi tiles ceramics

The most beautiful and expensive tiles can appear tacky and distasteful if they are not installed properly. Right from an alignment of the edges of patterns being matched, it is important to hire workers who know their job well. Apart from the more obvious issues with tile installations, there are several other, not so common problems that can occur during ...

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Common Tile Problems: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Tile Problems

Today, tiles are not only associated with the general bathroom usage, but also with décor related usages. Tiles are available in a variety of stylish patterns and styles and they are an excellent way to instantly brighten up a room. However, tiles require proper maintenance. Choice of the tiles for a room must also be accurate. We encounter many problems ...

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Renovation Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Renovating your home

As family requirements and lifestyles change and evolve with time, a home too must be updated to keep up with it. Renovating your home can be exciting and rewarding, as you look forward to the results. But, the actual process when you go through the renovation can be often tiring and elaborate. Especially, when, it tends to go out of ...

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Why is home renovation important before monsoon?


Healthy check of your home- check for dampness, cracks and leakages. Monsoon is a season, which, though pleasing to the senses and feels beautiful, is a nightmare for home maintenance. Monsoon brings with it problems for the walls, doors and sometimes even the tiles of houses. Irrespective of whether the home is an apartment or a bungalow, irrespective of whether ...

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Impact of leakages on the health of a family


There is something about a fresh, airy, clean home that radiates volumes! Whether your home is minimalistic, luxuriously baroque, contemporary, or traditional; whether it’s an old city bungalow or a busy street apartment; a vintage red-oxide floored abode or a wonderfully kitschy little flat in the sub-urban areas – the words ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ give out a certain positive vibe ...

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Give your home Exquisite Exteriors

home exterior-exterior design-house exterior

The shape and outer view of your home are defined by your exterior walls. Structurally, exterior walls support the walls, roof and floors of your home. They also protect your home and family from weather extremities. The function of your exterior walls is to insulate, shed water, repel moisture and air infiltration. Let’s learn more about how you can maintain ...

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Checklist for Your Next Home Renovation Project

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Home renovation is an exciting task. But before you start with the layouts and design improvements, there are some important things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. Inadequately planned remodeling projects can go horribly bad and are likely to bring up unexpected expenses in addition to unnecessary stress. Good planning is an essential ...

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